RAD Now! is THE Weather Radar App I've Wanted

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My entire life I’ve wished I could see radar weather images of where I was standing. And with the advent of smart phones, I thought I would have it. But alas, years have passed, and nothing like it had come along, until the “RAD Now!” app appeared on Windows Phone 7.

RAD Now! is available for FREE on the Marketplace, and has one specific purpose. Pinpoint your location, find you on a map, then show you composite images of what the the weather is doing in your area. Lots of apps will give you hour by hour weather projections, but nothing lets you know what’s actually coming your way than a good look at the radar. You can either look at just the latest radar image, or even put together an animation of the last hour. So go pick up RAD Now! in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.