Android App: Glass Widgets

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Glass Widgets is an Android App that I stumbled on to one day and haven’t quit using since.  It was very early in it’s “beta’ phase – the developer put each beta test on the Android Market.  I offered some feedback and the developer immediately responded.  Since then I’ve watched this program grow into something amazing – he just recently started charging for some advanced features, but the price is low, and most people will fall in love with just the free product.


So what is it?  Widgets, on your home screen, offer all kinds of useful information.  In this case, it’s a pack of 3 widgets: one is an RSS feed reader, one is an agenda, and the last one is a clock / weather widget.  Getting time and temperature data from your Android home screen isn’t much of anything new these days, but to do it with style? And for free?  That’s unheard of.  Glass widgets lets you see the home screen “wallpaper” you’ve selected behind the widgets – their backdrops are mostly transparent, like you’re looking through, well, glass!  It even works with Live Wallpapers!  You owe it to yourself to at least check it out.  You can get it right from the Android Market, or if you’re on a PC right now, use Google Goggles on the QR Code Below and it will direct you to the market link!