I'm going to TEDxRochester!

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The speakers have yet to be announced, but if you know anything, anything at all about TEDx, you would already be excited, too. I just got an email notifying me that I have been accepted to attend TEDxRochester, Monday, November 1st, 2010.

TED is the “Technology Entertainment Design” conference. It’s free to attend, but not necessarily easy to get in to.

Anything can happen at TEDx, from the stone-face-serious, to the stone-faced-serious-looking hilarity, featuring someone such as standup comedian and part time NPR contributor, John Hodgman. In the piece below, he discusses what he believes were his three alien encounters.

In the past, even Melinda Gates has shown up to tell us what non-profits can learn from Coca-Cola.

And Stefana Broadbent has explained to us How the Internet Enables Intimacy, a presentation which actually deals with some of things I discussed in my blog post, Why do Teens Text?.

I am extremely excited and honored just to be attending TEDxRochester.