5 Word Reviews: Music

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Sometimes I like to listen to a lot of music all at once. I often burn several albums to a CD as mp3 files, then listen to them in my car (which I also wish was scrobbling to my Last.FM). Having listened to many, many albums lately, and many more in the hopper, I decided I would start writing my versions of music reviews.

But to keep it interesting – I’m limiting my reviews to give words or fewer. This allows me to cover several albums at one time, and I hope it will inspire at least a couple people to seek out the music and listen to it. I’m also assigning a broad letter grade to each album I review, just so there’s no real question how I feel. Each will be LETTER ONLY, no plus or minus degrees of grading. And if you really want me to expand on one of these 5 word reviews, let me know in the comments and I’ll respond back with a little more detail, when I have the time.

Band Album Year Comments Letter Grade
Weezer Raditude 2009 Rivers’ in love. Sappy love. C
Weezer Hurley 2010 Better, but still lovey dovey. C
Linkin Park A Thousand Suns 2010 Please, end soon. F
Discovery LP 2009 Lo-Fi fantasitcalism! A
Anamanaguchi Power Supply 2006 My childhood, reimagined. B
Vampire Weekend Contra 2010 Don’t change a thing! A