ELSPA says video game ads are A-OK!

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Not every day is “good news” but this one counts. On a day when I’m trying to find content that isn’t plastered on every other website you see, I stumbled on to a “positive” article. “The Market for Computer and Video Games” UK website lets us know of an article being published by the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association in which they found that 99% of games are advertised responsibly (PDF).

The article was picked up by GamesIndustry.biz. They give the video game advertising industry a rating of 99%, even though of the 241 advertisements sampled, only one was found to be in poor taste. Do the math, that would technically mean 99.996% of the advertisements were considered acceptable, not just 99% – almost a perfect 100.

I think maybe GoDaddy and Carl’s Jr. / Hardees have more questionable content. That’s good news, since gamers are still dealing with the pressure of being this generation’s rock and roll, criticized and chastised at every turn.