Better Know a Gamer: Issue #20: Lil Rhymescheme

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Today’s guest on Better Know a Gamer helps make this 20th edition even more special! Our 10th guest ever was The Rhymescheme. Double that number and what do you get? Why, his son, Lil Rhymescheme, of course!

Nu: What’s your Gamertag, and what’s the story behind it?
Lil RhymeScheme off my dads lil stands for me being ten

Nu: Where are you from?

Nu: How old are you, and what do you do (school, job, family, hobbies)?
10 i go to school. Shooting my bb gun and playing pokemon and watching untamed and uncut.

Nu: How long have you been gaming in general?
since i was 2

Nu: Start’em while they’re young, folks. 🙂 How long have you been a 360 owner?
since it came out

Nu: What was one of your favorite Xbox / Xbox Live moments?
getting my first five friends

Nu: Are you currently “working on” any gaming goals?
yes, beating horde on gears 2

Nu: What game(s) are you playing the most now?
gears 2, sonic unleashed, mk vs dcu

Nu: I have still yet to play any of those, I can’t wait to try’em all! What’s playing now (what music do you listen to when away from you Xbox or when on your 360?
three days grace and linkin park

Nu: Excellent bands, sir! Do you try to stick with one Gamerpic, or change it frequently?
I change up quite a bit

Nu: What game are you looking most forward to in 2009?
halo 3 recon

Nu: Ah, yes, the newly renamed ODST. Do you have an “all time” favorite game, for any console or the PC?
halo 3 for xbox 360 gears of war 2 sonic unleashed super mario 64 ds and pokemon pearl

Nu: That’s quite a few “all time favorites” – but I get the idea! Do you have any “gaming buddies” you frequently play with / want to make almost as famous as you?
The Rhymescheme & elfkillerrip.

Nu: Any parting words for the droves of readers?
Shout out to sk8er and all my friends

Nu: Thanks for joining in on the fun! I certainly hope you’re enjoying that Wii of yours… oh, wait, that’s right! Camera Vixen told us that you traded that in! Thanks for being a part of the very special 20th edition of “Better Know a Gamer.”

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