Rockers don't use no plastic!

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I saw this on CNBC today and thought I would share. Even though I myself am not in to the rhythm games that most people are getting in to, this little invention seemed too interesting not to share. New wooden guitars from a company called PEAK. They will be sold at various retail outlets, including Circuit City, and are still gearing up for their large scale sales… don’t expect to see them in Wal-Mart any time soon, though.

For those of you tired of rocking with plastic mini guitars, these full sized wooden replicas are intended to give the feel of playing a music game with a guitar, not just holding a funny shaped controller.

The interview on CNBC said it was compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero. But they don’t address anything about the prospect of Rock Band 2, or even specifically Guitar Hero World Tour. I don’t even have any word on price, it might be on their website, I didn’t investigate all too much, myself.