Better Know a Gamer: Issue #14: JuggalordsZero

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Nu: What’s your Gamertag, and what’s the story behind it?
My Gamertag is JuggalordsZero. It’s a modified version of my alias from online sites, “Juggalords.” Now onto what it stands for.
The first part is Juggalo. It’s what I am. I am a huge fan of Psychopathic Records artists. The next part is rds. rds are my initials. And the Zero I just added to the end when I had to get a new Gamertag.

Nu: We’ve discussed my broad taste in music in other BKAG segments – I’m also down with the clown, folks. Where are you from?
I live in Sioux Falls, SD (USA) and have lived here for the majority of my life.

Nu: How old are you, and what do you do (school, job, family, hobbies)?
I am 27 years old. Currently I am an unemployed computer programmer (by “unemployed” I mean I don’t have a job in that field yet). I currently work at Famous Dave’s BBQ as a Host. My hobbies, besides games, are playing Magic: The Gathering trading card game and computer programming. I have 3 siblings, 2 sisters and one brother, all younger than me.

Nu: How long have you been gaming in general?
I think my first gaming experience was with arcade games. I think the first arcade game I played was Frogger when I was 7. My first console was the NES that my grandmother got us for christmas. It was a few years after it came out.

Nu: How long have you been a 360 owner?
I got my first 360 in Feb. 2006. I then had the disc drive stop reading games and had to exchange it using my product replacement plan. Then I my 360 started giving me weird colored shapes when I would start it up, so I had to exchange it one more time. So, I am on my third 360.

Nu: What was one of your favorite Xbox / Xbox Live moments?
Wow, I don’t know. I would have to say hooking my 360 up to a 50″ DLP TV for the first time and playing Oblivion. That is how gaming should be.

Nu: I’m with you there. I’m so sad about moving, since I will lose my room mate’s HDTV! Which Xbox 360 Achievement are you most proud of?
That would have to be Psych Out from Crackdown. That was the hardest thing I had to do in the game.

Nu: Wow. Yeah, hang that one from the mantle!! Are you currently working toward any achievements?
Yes, two. I am currently trying to beat CoD4 on Veteran. I am still trying to get the Grand Pearl Pooh-bah achievement in Hexic HD.

Nu: What game(s) are you playing the most now?
Right now I am playing CoD4 and Guitar Hero III. I don’t have a lot of disposable income so I can’t afford to buy many games, so the games I do buy I want to know that I will get my money’s worth. Although I am borrowing Guitar Hero III from a friend right now.

Nu: I’m there. Thanks to Goozex I got rid of a lot of games I don’t play and now have a backlog of new ones. Thanks, DJSteel! So, what’s playing now (what music do you listen to when away from your Xbox or when listening to music ON your Xbox)?
I actually listen to a lot of different music, but the main music I listen to is by Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Kottonmouth Kings, Blaze ya Dead Homie and any artist on Psychopathic Records. I have a particular playlist for when I play CoD4 online. It consists of Disturbed, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, and other hard rock music.

Nu: Don’t forget my boy Boondox! 😉 Do you try to stick with one Gamerpic, or change it frequently?
I only really change my Gamerpic when I get a new one I want or when I am tired of the one I currently have.

Nu: What is your current favorite Xbox related website to visit?
There are a few., which I have been signed up there since May ’06, is one. is another. I really like it for the help on how to figure out what I have to do to get the more challenging achievements. I used to go to The Live Eye, but that ended a few months ago. I really liked that site, it showed you how much you spent on playing games, watching videos, listening to music, etc. For blogs, I go to a lot. I also check, and

Nu: All great sites! What game are you looking most forward to in 2008?
I would have to say Civilization Revolution. Being a fan of the series, I can’t wait for it. After that, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is one that I am excited about.

Nu: Do you have an all time favorite game, for any console or the PC?
In relation to the above question, I would have to say the Civilization series. I first played Civilization on the SNES.

Nu: Do you have any gaming buddies you frequently play with / want to make almost as famous as you?
My gaming buddies Lcpl13411975, Kutt3r892, BoneDarkDeamon, GodSlayer25, and Scary Old Man. I also have some coworkers that I game with: xX DLOVE Xx, ShugDay, JSmiffed, and Blackeze23.

Nu: Share the love, be sure and tell’em all you mentioned them on! 😉 Any parting words for the droves of readers?
Yeah. Remember this: Your day is not bad, it’s good. You woke up today. It’s the day you don’t wake up you have to worry about.

Nu: Deep, man… deep. Thanks to JuggalordsZero – someone who’s been on my list for BKAG for a while… I kept meaning to dole out the clown love!