Better Know a Gamer, just got BETTER!

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We admit it, there’s been a lot of us “getting behind.” I’ve fallen into the traps of headlines and hit counts, rather than actually doing what I set out to do. Well no more.

Our flagship segment, Better Know a Gamer, is going to to be made even easier. One of the early problems was a glitch in the mail server eating our messages… then it became a bit of a sloppy mess and I was losing email addresses just because of my own foolish actions. People volunteered, others were nominated, but the questions weren’t getting sent out. Well now I want you to know that you can nominate yourself, or nominate others – entirely through automation. That’s right, by visiting the Better Know a Gamer Submissions page, you can enter your gamertag, the gamertag of the person you’re nominating, and their email address – they will then receieve the BKAG questions! Once they reply to the email and I have their answers, it’s just a short matter of time before I post the whole thing up on the site.

See how easy it is!? Now, get to nominating – keep me busy!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Nominate ALL of your friends, if you want! Just keep the list growing! I’ll highlight all ten million Xbox Live users if you want me to! It’s up to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Visit the Nominations Page now!