Bill Gates’ “Retirement”

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Everyone’s blogging about Gates and this headlining news. So, why not thrown in my two cents? After all – I am a part of the blogosphere now.

Yes, he’s “leaving” Microsoft. But only in that he will be giving up his position as Chief Software Architect. Will he be gone for good? No chance. He’s lived it for far too many years to just wipe his slate clean. He cannot resist the draw of technology, just like many other founding-fathers of Silicon Valley.

What can Bill Gates do to “focus” more on things like world health? Various organizations can surely use his money – but is he supposed to be some kind of bio-chemist, suddenly? He might be able to offer some organizational skills to large corporations and organizations, but his need to “focus” on these issues is a bit sketchy.

This won’t change a thing about what we can expect of Windows Vista. There may be rumors that his leaving has something to do with poor expectations for Vista, and wanting to get out now – but he has planned his departure two years in advance. If he is not leaving until the summer of 2008, that’s well after the expected launch of Vista, and quite possibly near the time of a first service pack. No, Gates intends to see this one through.

He will also, likely, be the keynote speaker at many Microsoft conferences, and now, more than likely, will spend some time on the road at various colleges and institutions, as well as other tech-related conventions. Just, don’t expect to see William Henry Gates III at your local county fair, like Rush without Geddy Lee, or Adam West as Bat-Man.

Peace on ya,