Editorial: Xbox 360 Cracking Discs? Solution? Spam Microsoft, of course!

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An article of the absurd, today, since I’ve got a lot going on. Not only is there a forum nerd out there who thinks that the Xbox 360 is cracking his discs, he thinks that the best solution to his problem is to perform an “Executive Email Carpet Bomb” (EECB). Basically, the idea is that you flood the email of all of the “figure head people” (who, “executive” or not, generally have among the least power of helping you out). You basically spam them to death, in hopes that they will surrender to your will. It has proven successful, I believe… NEVER.

First of all, I have heard absolutely no reports of the 360 “cracking” discs. Some others lump it in with the disc scratching, but I have to believe that it’s the behavior of the user that results in cracked discs. The pictures posted in the Penny-Arcade forums show that the discs always crack in a similar position. Once the game disc is in the tray it’s spinning at upwards of 7200 RPM’s (estimated 12x DVDROM speed). It’s statistically impossible to cause a crack in the same place every time. However, if you’re anal retentive enough to put your discs back in their case facing the same exact way every time, and instinctively pull them from the DVD packaging the same way every time, there’s a very good chance your cracks will be in the same place. If you learn to press down on the on the center ring of the package, rather than pull at the edges of the disc, you probably won’t crack them.

Rather than people just thinking that maybe this guy has his own set of problems to worry about, the Jergens toting jagoffs over at the The Consumerist are encouraging EECB workarounds. Here’s hoping Microsoft’s spam filters hold up and they never even catch wind of this loser looking for a handout. Go buy your games again, and learn how DVD packaging works.

7 thoughts on “Editorial: Xbox 360 Cracking Discs? Solution? Spam Microsoft, of course!

  1. Too funny… I for one can confirm said theory on how disc has cracked. I guess I didn’t push down on my center holder that well and have busted my copy of Lego Star Wars now. Solution, pick up a used copy for $14 at GameStop, hell of a lot less work and knowing full well that I broke it to begin with. You know you learn by your mistakes and hopefully this will be the first an only time I break a disc. 🙂

    *disclaimer – I’m not the forum nerd mentioned on the Penny Arcade forums and I hate spam and will not be a part of creating more of it! No bits or bytes were hurt during the writing of this feedback.

  2. My Saints Row 1 disc cracked,but I blame myself for always being too quick to take it from the case.
    Since then I have been very careful with the discs,but some cases are that you really have to hope the disc wont crack,because it`s not made like “push here and pull the disc”.
    Not sure to explain that,but I think Battlefield Bad Company gold edition has one of those horrible disc cases

  3. I know what you mean, Tapio. Some disc cases do, indeed, suck!! I’ve cracked probably every kind of disc media, at some point in my life. But still, that’s not Microsoft’s fault. This guy needs to stop trying to harass Microsoft execs because of his own problems.

  4. I left my call of duty: world at war disk in my xbox consule after playing it one night and my disk cracked just like the one in the picture. i dont want to shell out around 40 $ for a new one, but it looks like i will have to…

  5. I’ve too went though the cracked center and regardless of what you say the games that are getting cracked always stay in my xbox..always and if I do take them out I never put them back in the case because I sit them on a dvd spindle or on top of the 360. But I have went through 3 MWF 2 and 2 Black Ops and all of them cracked on the center.

  6. So i did have this happen just today. it happened to my fifa 11 disk. the od part is that i keep it in the xbox most of the time (my most played game). i had not removed it from the xbox or opened the tray for that matter for two days when it stopped reading. opened the tray and the disc was cracked. all cracks (one long, three small) radiated out from the center. i wonder if this has anything to do with heat. anyway any insight would be helpful i dont want it to happen again

  7. Namuwood it is both the heat and your xbox just screwing up because my xbox did the same thing to my CoD:Black Ops and CoD:MW2 just last night. I am very pissed. Its confusing though because I played MW2 for maybe 2 years and Black Ops for a few months all the time but it never screws up any of my other games becaus after they broke I played call of duty 4 and nothing happened to it. I also tested my Saints Row and Saints Row 2 and CoD:WaW and noyhing happened to them. So I am very confused.

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