Contest: Texas Hold'em XMas!

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UPDATE 1: Thanks to all of our entrants… sure, I expected more, but it’s still fun! Always good to give something away! Our winner this time around? TXPaladin!!!

We all know what time of year it is… the most wonderful time, so they say. For me, it’s being buried in ice and snow and hoping I don’t slide through every intersection that has a stop sign.

Still,it’s a season of giving, and that is what I intend to do. Up for grabs is a new-classic classic, but it sort of the best I could scrounge up with a last minute idea: Texas Hold’em for Xbox Live Arcade. I know, it’s not much, but it’s free, so just go give some change to the Salvation Army, come back here and enter the contest!

So let’s take a quick history lesson, shall we? The term “XMas” – many people believe that it was created as a marketing gimmick to remove the “Christ” from Christmas. I won’t bring religion in on this topic, but it should be noted that “X” is the Greek letter “Chi” (pronounced like ‘kai’) – the first letter in the Greek word for Christ (Χριστος). “XMas” is a term that has existed for hundreds of years.

All that having been said, I want to know what “X”Mas means to you!? Or even your version of the origin of the term “X”Mas. Be original, be unique, and come up with something heart warming, funny, or even completely absurd. Mix in “Texas Hold’em” to your answer, if you’re feeling adventurous!

To enter, register for the website and leave a comment on this post. Entries will also be accepted to the email address: – please place “XMAS” in the subject line. I will select one winner by personal preference (judging the entries) on Christmas Eve (December 24th, 2008) at 10 AM EST. Entries will be accepted until then. Winner will be announced on the website, and the prize can be delivered via first class United States postage, e-mail, a private message via or Xbox Live. The prize is one redeemable code for the Xbox Live Arcade game Texas Hold’em. I know, I know… but like I said, it’s free!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these gift cards, they can only be activated in North America. Last time I had an Uno winner in Australia who couldn’t claim their prize, I don’t want to deliver the same disappointing results.

3 thoughts on “Contest: Texas Hold'em XMas!

  1. Merry Xmas from TeXmas now. For me, I’ve always looked at Xmas/Christmas as a day of giving gifts to others more than anything else. Its one of our (families) favorite times of the year too. I know others celebrate more for Christs birth.

    Thanks for offering up a little bit of Xmas gifting giving here at Winbreak.Com and I think a copy of TeXmas Hold’em will be a nice prize. Keep up the good work on your site now and have a safe Holiday now.

  2. For someone fully immersed in the church (I’m a pastor) I sometimes just really can’t stand Christians! :0 Especially when most “Christians” spend so much time arguing about petty things like the term “xmas” and they totally miss the opportunity to share what Christmas is really about. It really peeves me when they take stances without doing the resarch to find out what’s really behind it. Thank you for clarifying what Xmas really means.

    Xmas for me is about peace, family, hope, and time spent together. And heck, anything that makes me have to type less is cool by me, especially when twitter only gives you 140 characters!

    Merry Xmas to you and yours.


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