Can we be friends?

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My friend and idol DeaconBlade 360, over at Unscripted 360, back on December 5th, had a great idea. The idea, itself, was actually suggested by the Microsoft people “e” and “Major Nelson.” So, why not talk ‘friends of friends.’ I really hope we get to be friends! We’re still VERY small, and we don’t have a large following… but I think what will make it most exciting – I get to watch it grow. Hopefully if I keep updating the site, the fan following will grow, my readers will want to game with me, and boom! We’ll all be the start of something big. 🙂

So, taking the idea from Unscripted’s u3660 friend finder, we have Gamertag WinBreak. Add WinBreak to your friends list, and let’s watch it grow together… starting adding me and our other friends to your friends list. Like Microsoft loves to tell us, “There’s 8 million people on Xbox Live, jump in!”

One thought on “Can we be friends?

  1. A warm hello to everyone at WinBreak.I thought I would follow the link to this site that a kind person named NuAngel (game Tag)of course that is not is real name now is it,?hope not.Anyway I do like the lay out of your site you can see that a lot of time and effort goes into delivering the information and true facts to the reader (me,them,us).Keep up the good work,If you are looking for new friends to add to your growing little gem then I would be more then happy to be added.My game Tag is Logansrun J73.Also I will spread the word of the gossble to my fellow friends to check this site out,many thanks for your time your friend John.

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