Do video games make you a better driver?

In the past, I’ve wondered if years of playing video games have improved my reaction time and lessened my panic-response when in a nasty situation on the highway. But the hilarious team at Rooster Teeth wanted to put this to the test, in a way only their minds could come up with. Enjoy. It’s worth it.

Random update in 2016: I saw this headline, had to share the link: Playing Action Video Games Might Make You a Better Driver, according to a study run by Li Li, a Hong Kong psychologist in charge of Hong Kong University’s Perception and Action Lab.

Xbox One announcement in under two minutes

I don’t know why I find these things so funny… maybe it’s because marketing folks think that the average person can’t see the fact that we know what point they’re trying to drive home. But when someone makes a video calling them out on it? It’s always a good laugh. Here are the need to know points about this week’s Xbox Reveal, and Xbox One announcement.