Cannot save files from Adobe Reader to Offline Folders

I recently had a user call me and explain that they couldn’t save to their offline files and folders when offline. Little did I know the can of worms we were going to open.

The troubleshooting rabbit hole involved finding out that you could, in fact, copy and paste documents in to those folders, however we couldn’t save PDF files from Adobe Reader by using the File/Save command. No error message appeared, they looked like they saved, but when you looked in the folder, the file would be missing. It was specific to Adobe Reader. Once I knew that, I had to dig further.

In the end, the problem was that Adobe Reader wouldn’t allow the user to save files in the Offline folder because it was sandboxed (an enhanced security mode which doesn’t allow Adobe Reader to react with other applications, in an attempt to prevent virus infected PDF files from infecting your whole system). To resolve this, close any open PDF documents, but open Adobe Reader. Click Edit, then Preferences. On the left click Security (Enhanced), then UNCHECK Enable Enhanced Security at the top of the Window, and click OK. Exit Adobe reader, then try again. It should work without a problem now!

1985 – Fletch

Fletch is vintage comedy. I always thought it was a good movie, but it found a soft spot in my life at my last employer. Our intern was always quoting the movie, and one of the other guys also knew just about every line. Then it became a major event – when the intern left to go back to school, we had a big lunch and played the movie in the conference room. The tradition would continue on after that.

Since then I’ve talked many people into picking up Fletch on DVD, and even introduced a few friends to the movie when I was on the road by pulling it up in my account.

Fletch is the kind of comedy that is literally non-stop. Once the plot is presented to you, it gets out of the way and lets you enjoy Chevy Chase at his finest, rattling off memorable one liners with the kind of pacing and frequency that practically leaves you breathless. Fletch is word-play 1980’s comedy the way it should be: you will love it, your friends will love it, and you’ll be quoting it all day, every day. Enjoy it!

Disable Xbox Live cloud saves on Xbox 360

Some people find the cloud save “feature” more of an annoyance. They don’t want to be prompted which storage medium to search for saved games, etc… if you’re one of those who wants to disable the cloud save feature, follow these easy steps:

NOTE: This will erase anything you DO have saved in Cloud Storage. Ensure you move your saved games, first, if necessary.

  1. From the Xbox 360 Dashboard, go to Settings, and then select System.
  2. Select Storage.
  3. Highlight Cloud Saved Games, and then press Y.
  4. Select Disable Cloud Saved Games.