One Must Fall Battlegrounds review: 2097 is in the past!

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Note, I originally wrote this as a product review in 2004 on C|Net, and is being preserved here for posterity. Nearly ten full years since this review, I have to echo some of the same feelings – the game was unique and no other fighting games like it have appeared since. It may have been too much of a departure from 2D fighting games, too radically different to be liked by many people. Below the image is the original review.

One Must Fall Battlegrounds is one of the most unique experiences you will ever have. Visually stunning and originality that would make anyone jealous, the game only receives low scores in reviews because people aren’t ready for this kind of 3D Fighting Game, especially not in the PC world. At least, not yet.

Having played this game from some of it’s earliest beta revisions, the DE team has proven to me that they took on the challenge of learning new skills and techniques, and came out on top. After remaining nearly stagnant in the years after One Must Fall 2097, DE got on the task of Battlegrounds and never looked back. End result was an incredible experience for all gamers.

The single player AI will provide some fun, and can be set to give advanced players quite a challenge. But if that ever gets old, you can always find your way into the online arenas. These Battlegrounds host a large community of players who (most of the time!) are willing to help new comers LEARN more about the game.

Some reviews may make the game sound poor, but the unique experience is only somewhat difficult to adjust to. Once you understand the controls, you’ll find the game more and more exciting. The game play is smooth, the graphics are stunning, the sound quality is incredible, and the system specs required really aren’t too demanding. The game simply is impressive and should not be ignored. I highly recommend this game to everyone, but especially parents who may not know what to get their kids – this game may settle an 11-15 year olds need for “violent video games” without having the head exploding, heart tearing, and limb chopping of other games (not to say they’re bad, but if you’re trying to remain a strict parent while your kid wants fighting games – this is an optimal solution).