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"Never share a fox hole with somone braver than yourself"

This is the Half-Life fox hole, of The Fox Hole contains files, some assembled by JoFSh, which will not only tweak the image quality, but the sounds as well. In the Fox Hole you'll find news about a few Half-Life 'goings-on' as well. Also, this is the home of the FootHold MOD!! Newer items go toward the bottom of this page.

Let's begin with Opposing Force, the add on pack for Half-Life. Opposing Force was excellent - but there were a few problems. Glitches, bugs, things that normally plague any other game... but these were in the sound, and you never did get to hear them. So, JoFSh decided that we should, and has finished his own SoundPatch. -For just a hint of what it does, think of BOOT CAMP. "Where you from. TEXAS?? Holy cow..." -- now you can hear "Sir, Texas, Sir!!" So get the OpFor Sound Patch, here.

JoFSh (incase you havn't noticed, this is pretty much his domain) has also created his HLAutoExec.cfg Files. More information and links can be found here.


Update #3 is here. JoFSh just sent me a nice little set of files. These are the Half-Life Opposing Force developers configs... these are the individual config files for some of the original testers and designers of the game. These files are designed for OPPOSING FORCE only. Read much more about them, in the zip file you download. Get the OpFor developers configs now!

Update #2 has arrived! John has finished the latest Half-Life Tweak pack! This version = Revision 3! The latest set is quite good, and if you're already using the older versions, it's a breeze to install! Now, I don't know if it's an official updated feature or what, but it seems to me that map load times increased SIGNIFIGANTLY.

JoFSh has told me that this is written for (that's what half of the trouble was) - but should all be backwards compatible with older versions of the game. The tweak pack can be downloaded here, by clicking any of the Half-Life Autoexec.cfg links.

Also, word has been passed my way that JoFSh happens to have a little 'hookup' for me. These little files, coming soon, are rumored to be developer's files, from the original beta tests, and still patch work tests of the game. I'm not exactly sure what all they do, just yet - I've got to wait to get them! I don't know if they give debug info on the screens, or if they give raw image quality, or raw FPS, or what?? But I'll find out for ya, and you can bet your sweet bippy they'll be up! Keep us bookmarked and check back soon! *updated* - They havn't arrived yet, but JoFSh wants to see if he can work on them a little. These DEVELOPERS Config files are actually developer configs from/for Gearbox software - the Opposing Force add on. Also, they are not too compatible with, which is what we are delaying on it. JoFSh wants to see if he can get them a little more stable, without losing the whole point of the developer's configs... basically, a main problem is that, if you install these, you lose your key bindings. Why? Because this adds more key choices, therefore changing the keybinding list layout, so it samply cannot be saved. For examlple, you should now be able to bind a key for switching to Third Person mode, etc... neat little things like that. More info as it comes in, but it's the holiday season!

Well here we are! Update #1 in the series to come! JoFSh's custom "OpForUpdate." This is John's custom repack for the game Opfor. This patch applys fixes to Opposing Force, WITHOUT having to update all of the multiplayer games (for those of you who don't play CTF or TFC, or any of those).


(Any problems with, please let me know - I will forward your info to JoFSh, and we can work somthing out... he has been having a little (understatement!) trouble with, so if anything crops up, do not be shocked.

And now the MOD.

Double Helix

Yipee! Just one, but it's somthing to show improovment! Richard Hamer sent this over my way today... the latest look at Double Helix. The delay has been in getting everything to run smoothly on the latest coding - but everything seems to be back in a small progress run! Anyways - take a look... click on it for the bigger version!

Check these out!! John has just recently sent these over to me, along with a little info pertaining to the story to what will seemingly be a exclusive! The DOUBLE HELIX mod is another from Hamer, with voice acting from our own JoFSh! Feast your eyes on these (I know, they don't show much, but the anticipation is growing!).


The Foothold MOD is the first in what promises to be a great line of games... Foothold was Richard Hamer and team. Foot Hold is a MOD for Half-Life's own Opposing Forces... using the sound patch, and the other autoexec files JoFSh has made, the mod really comes to life.

Here it is! The Foothold MOD, made (AFAIK) entirely by Richard Hamer! And let me tell you, it's great! Look at these screen shots!

Sound interesting? It is! Download Foothold now. (SMALL! 2.3 MB!!)


How long has it been? Months? I don't know... I know I don't do a lot with the Fox Hole, what can I say - I've lost interest. Sorry all. 56K just doesn't cut it for a game that's become primarily concerned with it's online community.

Anyways, just so you all know, we're up to in Half-Life / OpFor patches, and 1.1 full version in Counterstrike. Grab both of'em from 3dfiles.