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Looking to show the world who you support? Looking for a name that might just mean "cutting edge"? Or are you just looking for an e-mail address that isn't like all the rest, and isn't so amazing it costs an arm and a leg every month? How about this one? You see the address up top, don't you think that is interesting enough?

Think about it.! Would your friends envy you? Maybe not... but at least you do not have the same e-mail address as everyone else... and you can be the first to have your own name! Don't deal with being "l33thax0r87@..." or "kewlD00D1753@..." be the first, be yourself.

What are the advantages of a mail account?

5 MB Inbox & Folder space!
3.5 MB uploads (maybe more, results are still unsure)
Mail Forwarding! Don't want to check your mail here, have us forward your mail to any other e-mail account, without anyone reading it!
POP Mail! Just like most other e-mail carriers around! You can check your other e-mail accounts be setting up an external mail account checker!
Vacation Messages! Don't wanna check your e-mail, every single day - or just too much of a slacker to reply to everyone. Have this thing auto reply to all incoming mail!
Mail filters - auto junk it, or send it to a specific folder, easy setup any kind of mail filter
Junk mail reporter! This isn't a public account, the list of names will not be sold! This account is entirely private, and any junk mail you recieve can be turned in. However, keep in mind, we are not responsible once you sign up for a few different mailing lists. Then it is out of our hands.

You think all of this sounds good? Easy to check, quick, easy to deal with... and best of all, it's cheap! No... not free, but get this... all of those features above, and more - for just $10.00 (USA)a year. Yes, TEN DOLLARS PER YEAR! You can't beat that with your mother-in-law's wooden leg!

Sounds good? Well, if you have questions, go ahead and ask them:

And for those of you who are convinced, fire away. You can either e-mail me, and arrange to send me a personal check or money order, or you can go ahead right now, and pay with PayPal.

Wether sending check, or paying via paypal - please include your requested user name & password.

I accept PayPal payments!
Now Available for International Users

I accept PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!

I accept PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!