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Welcome to! The new layout will hopefully make the trip here much more pleasurable, and I hope that you bless me with your return, some day.

5.1 sound is left, right, center, rear/surround left rear/surround right, plus a subwoofer channel.

Well, I'll be honest, I still don't have a good update prepared for you all. I've been hard at work in the real world, and in my free time, I've been working with a new alliance in an online game I've been playing.

PlanetArion is a blast to play. It takes no skill, anymore, because of all of the battle calculators people have made. No downloading needed, all online multiplaying chaos. Quite a large game. It's been the Multplayer Online Games Directory game of the month several times over. A reset is near, so if you're interested in text base intergalactic warfare, join in the fun.

I just rambled a little in the GAMES area, nothing new to say... just some gum off of the bottom of my shoe I fealt like posting, because I've not really done much lately out here online. Just letting everyone know I'm still alive and I plan on getting back to work shortly.


Check this out... nothing much to report... lots more rumors about GeForce 3 are all around the internet, while new ATi cards hit the rumor mill as well. Then there's the oh so joyous news of 3dMark2001. Joy of joys! More pointless tests, to show what games will be like "in the near future" *chuckles* - sorry.

Alright, also, we can say we've updated the games section here - new drivers! And some skimpy stuff was just kinda pitched in to the bottom of the Fox Hole, just as FYI stuff, for those behind in Half-Life times... like me.


The poll has moved down to OLD NEWS, yeah... you can see it right below. ;) Anyway, when I change the topic, it'll get moved back up here, and that one will be put to rest. Results will be published. -- Alright, just a mini update to the games page... interesting file, and a couple of outside links... nothing big. Sorry all! Keep on me if you've got good ideas, and I'll see what I can do about putting it on the page... as long as it's not too big. It's near time for house keeping, as I'm under TWO megabytes official free space... but since my files reside all over the internet, and I don't pay for a darn thing, it won't matter too much. :D I can always get more bandwidth and file space. ;)


New Poll... no content updates just yet though, sorry.

Alrighty - update in the games section... and as for the below POLL - I won't start a team, unless I get at least 20 YES's... just for those of you who have voted yes - tell your friends... if the demand is great enough, I will start one. E-Mail me if you really think you can get in to it! Us the link on the left (too lazy to write HTML right now, sorry!).

In news referring to that, has come to my attention. SETI@Home users have been unable to contact the server to send in their data, since February 27th. Here's what they said:

At about 3:30 AM PST on 27 February an optical fiber cable connecting the U.C. Berkeley campus with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory was cut, apparently by vandals trying to "salvage" copper from other nearby cables... The carrier has finished pulling new cable, but now LBNL has to splice the new cable into their own fiber plant. This process will not be completed until late in the day Friday, 2 March.

All I can say is, the server is gonna be slow today when turning in and downloading workunits!

Also, I've just begun this:

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Join up for that, and anything that I feel to be an IMPORTANT announcment, I will e-mail to you. I WILL NOT use this as just a way to spam out advertisments, and get more hits... only important announcments will be sent via e-mail (so don't be suprised if you never get one! :D )


Alright, life is good again, finally... mostly anyways... some personal problems, that will keep away from this site - because I know you just want to keep the news coming... so here it us! Updates on the games page, and I'm trying to grab some data for the MISC FILES page, soon, too. Enjoy what I've got... and, like I say in the games area, THANKS to all of my loyal supporters, who have been visiting so much lately!


It's been a LONG time since I've updated, and I'm sorry. But I've been doing TONS of work, for myself, for school, and for other people. My work is not in vein, and you'll soon understand why I've been so busy - but I can't say much just yet. DUE to the lack of updates, I'm going to keep you all busy with this:

previous SETI@Home poll was here

Until next time... whenever it may be.

Minor HTML code update, and FINALLY a more stable file host for my drivers! Yeah, I'm cheap, I know - what can I say? Just go to the games section and get them all!


Well, update to the games section... I guess you could title it "drivers for everyone!" This includes a "link" (I'm still working on getting a free host that's WORTH the money I don't spend) to all of the custom drivers. Updates are still few and far between, because though now I'm out of "FINALS and NEW CLASSES" - I'm having hardware problems with this new PC... but I'm doing my best to keep on top of things.


Other than that, just a minor update to my HTML on the MISC page, nothing major. Thanks to my long time friend Dalimar for finding the dead link.

Wow, well- I've been busy... more info on the game page about that, too... anyways - the only small update right now is on the GAMES page... but also, we're with a NEW auction carrier - BIDVILLE. Feel free to check out the link, in the frame below (drop down list on the left)... more items to be listed shortly, but it's been busy. Sign up for bidville to bid on our items - registration is free!

Also, we need your support... bill time is coming up shortly, and we're trying our best to find a new host... unfortunatly, with no advertisments that PAY, I'm kind of screwed... so your auction bidding helps - but also, when you sign up for an e-mail account, $9.00 goes in to the account itself, and $1.00 goes to the future development of this website - so please, sign up for a $10.00 / year e-mail account - and support your favorite site!

More information can be found on the mail link, on the left


Sorry the updates are so few and far between. I've been doing finals, and balancing check books, and the like... busy busy time of year for me, I'm terribly sorry.

But I've started my first "Micro"-Review, in the games section, and there's some patch information... I hope you like what I've provided.

And yes, just so you know, I'm working to fix the XDrive links, so anyone who wants can still download the Voodoo drivers.


THE BACK UP, AND DOWNLOADS ARE READY. Unfortunatly, you'll have to go off site. Sorry for the troubles - looking for mirrors.

The VOODOO 5 6000 driver is on this very site! Games section, get it now! Exclusive offerings brought to you by's team! We are the first (as far as I know) to host this driver to the public! This driver is for VSA-100 based cards (Voodoo 4 4500, 5 5500, & 5 6000)! The driver file itself is a little old - but is still worth a shot!! I have not tryed this myself yet, so anyone who gets results, feel free to let me know what you find, by clicking the "contact NuAngel" link on the left.

To my few loyal visitors, I am TERRIBLY sorry for not having updated this for a while... but my classes are killing me right now. Essays, finals, more essays, networking junk... life is very insane right now. But I hope I can make it up to you a bit, by letting you know that I have added an interesting update to the MISC FILES section (which could have gone in GAMES, but I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted it) - and I did update GAMES, too. Also, somthing that belongs in GAMES, but hasn't made it there yet is that FYI - there is a new version of TomazQuake out - you'll find the link on the games page.


MERRY CHRISTMAS -- Games Section has some updates... new MOD information for Quake 1 and the V5 OC'er.


Getting an early start on the day... more updates to come throughout the day... only some minor HTML bugs fixed as of right now, but several updates (hopefully) to come!


Quick update made to the Virus Update.

Also, new adservers are going up in games and misc. files, so feel free to click and shop around, just mainly to even see if it WORKS! :D Thanks. BTW - I don't get paid by the click on all advertisements, and is one of those where I don't get $ unless you buy somthing... however I recommend checkin' out the site, because they have a hellarious video!__

Well, with the release of 3dfx's news yesterday, there has been a major update in teh GAMES section. However pay attention throughout the day - more updates to come... both in games and Misc files... BSoD fix for Windows Me on its way!

(due to the number of updates on 12/16, they will be arranged oldest on top, newest on bottom, TIMES beside each update).

1:28 - uploaded my e-mail to nVidia's human relations, concerning a new message board. In the games section.

Well, look who missed their own deadlines. Okay, it's actually now 12/17 @ 12:00 AM... anyways, I got the WinMe fix up in the MISC files section. Also, anyone who wants to link to me site, not only is it highly appreciated, but here's an easier way. Instead of thinking of somthing to say, just download the picture, then link straight to - no text required, unless done by choice.


I've added a new file to the site... just a text file, that I think you should check in on from time to time. Right now, it's only got one entry... but you can bet it will grow. This is my 'virus update' list. It is not an update for a custom virus scanner or anything... but instead, it will keep you informed, and help you protect yourself against emerging virii. Read the Virus Update now!

Also, an overdue birthday goes out to DooM, who turned 7 on December 10th, 2000. (If you don't get this 'birthday' joke, I don't think you've had a computer for more than 5 days.)


Aha! Updates and uploads have been completed. The JoFSh Voodoo 3 Extras are ready for download! Head over to the games page and get what you can, it's time for rejoicing!

NO updates the page for a while. I've got things i need to get on there, but I'm having PROBLEMS GALORE while trying to upload. Appologies for the problems, and I hope to have them resolved ASAP. Unfortunatly, this could take a while. Stick tight, I will keep you all informed. Check back here, or on my thread @ 3dfxgamers.Update to the GAMES section (after a LOT of problems with my server lately...) - some info about the new 3dfx V3 drivers, and a link to some help.


Fixed a broken link in the Fox Hole. You can now download Foot Hold directly from Richard Hamer's webspace.

New files in GAMES and in the Fox Hole. Also, Yahoo Auctioners can use the link on the gateway (bottom left) and check out some recent listings for hardware!

Just some quick updates today. Basic house cleaning. Also, JoFSh told me that he already got a P4, with a good motherboard... lucky SOB! Also says he got it for (I forgot already) somwhere between 6-900 dollars... meanwhile, the best I can still find, with my connections, is only $939.00. Sometimes I wish I had John's connections! :)

New files in the fox hole! More updates coming within the next 36 hours (I might be taking Thanksgiving off, I'm sure you understand! ;)

Latest technology news! Intel Pentium 4 Released TODAY. I've checked with all of my good connections. Heh, best deal on the net: "1.5 Ghz CPU ONLY" - $1099.00! HOLY COW! And to find a motherboard supporting the huge bandwidth that CPU will throw out, is going to be another task on its own... speeds like that just do not belong on retail markets yet! ;)

Site news - simply a new Double Helix pic added to the Fox Hole. All that tells me, is that it's starting to shape back up! Woohoo!

Update (new file!) in the FOX HOLE... also, new files added to the GAMES section. Get'em while they're hot!

Well, you should know that updates ARE coming to the FoxHole, VERY soon... I suddenly have a huge team backing me up on it, excellent! It shouldn't be long now! As for now, the games section has the latest updates, pertaining to 3Dfx, and the latest occurences.

Quick updates in the Fox Hole, just FYI... mainly I had to fix the spelling on Richard Hamer's name... my appologies to the man who has made the fox hole anything worth visiting!

Is the world under siege by hackers? Republican websites, vote changing, 3Dfx's rumored hacking, nVidias leaked drivers, Microsoft's misfortune, ASUS defaced... read a bit in the GAMES section.

BIG NEWS going on in the games section - get over there!!!

Today's lastest updates can be found over in the games secion, and a VERY COOL file is waiting in the Misc Files section. Check'em out!

As usual, nothing much of interest... it's just been a bum couple of weeks - sorry everyone... latest information would include new drivers are out from OmegaDrive. His latest Voodoo 3 X000 drivers will be going through my usual ring of custom tests tonight... I'll tell you how they stack up against whatever other drivers I've got on my hard drive, right now...

Pentium 4's (yes, they've dropped the roman nuemerals) are rumored for release in just under two weeks... 'the anticipation grows.'

Be sure to head over to the GAMES section, and check out the latest happening over there (again, not much, but better than nothing)...

In my latest news - nothing! There has been not much of anything going on around me latly, so there have been no updates. Although I have just joined up with Yahoo! Auctions - so soon, I hope to have some better hardware and software sales! Take a look @ and see what I've got right now.

Also, with my lack of news, I figured I should be nice, and at least post the latest rumors. Here's one that I found interesting, about the 1.13 Ghz PIII's!


Along with the new layout, I've also just begun hosting for a new Half-Life MOD. The MOD is called Foot Hold and is truly an incredible add on game. Check out the Half-Life Fox Hole section to see just what it's all about.

Also, you can show the world who you support, by getting your own "" e-mail address! To find out more about that, follow the " E-Mail" link!

With the wonderful world of gaming and graphics changing ever so quickly, I may not even be able to keep up with this site... so why don't you try the message boards link on the left... I'm sure the guys there (including myself) are more than willing to help you out!

And before I go, let me also say that the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH fix, and some of the other problem solving files have been relocated to the Misc. Files section.


Finally, let me thank 3Dfx, JoFSh, Ailuros, SeniorBro, Jarrod, Chris (Slacker), ICET58, MMJr, SharkFood (just because - the man's a genious), and whoever originally designed I'm probably breaking copyright laws, and I'm sure they'll be in touch if I am... but I hope not, because this layout is excellent, and I hope I get to keep it. As always - thanks to the rest of you for your support, and banner clicking is extremely appreciated...

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