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Welcome to! The new layout will hopefully make the trip here much more pleasurable, and I hope that you bless me with your return, some day.

6.1 sound is left, right, center, rear/surround left rear/surround right rear/surround center, plus a subwoofer channel.

Cleaned up HTML, re-linked the URL. I added X3dfX to it, as many of you know I've become a moderator there. Also, my personal NuAngel's Helping Hand message board has undergone several additions, due to the near fate of X3dfX message boards.

I've added to the Games section, as well - and as you can see, links are changed a little on the left, and below here on the index page has been cleaned up... I still have yet to compile that garbage file, of all of the old pages thrown in to one, so we can clean up and speed up. But considering nothing on this page is of pure importance, I didn't think you'd miss the stuff which is nearly a year old now.

Also, quickly, a new poll will be coming soon, as this one has an obvious land-slide victory.


Alright, so it's been a while. No updates, because of the problems we've had with the 'secret' file... while more and more info about it gets leaked to the public (by now you know it's a motion blur tweak for Voodoo 4's and 5's), it's becoming more and more troublesome.

But, while you wait, feel free to spend money on me! ;) Well, you know what I mean - you'll get somthing in return. I'm planning on moving (physically) soon. Not really sure though. Anyways, I'm clearing things (slowly but surly) out of this ol' house, and helping my own parents get rid of their stuff, too. You don't know what you'll find, but feel free to check out the finally updated zone. I'm trying to scrounge up some more computer stuff to slap on there, but I'm kinda low right now... but keep checking, I'm looking for more things to pass along to you.


Update to games section, bigger one hopefully coming in under 24 hours. Hopefully. HTML overhaul coming soon, so be sure and double read the BOTTOMS of some of the pages, because it's time for some spring cleaning of these pages... I plan on just creating on dump archive, which will just be scraps from everything, not colored, or layed out in any way shape or form... just scrap from anything I've moved there.

Also, I just want to remind you all, the latest poll is directly below, and I still hope to get this thing slightly larger:

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Like I said, you will not be nagged, it's simply for IMPORTANT updates.


Brief update, some consider it urgent... it's all here on the main page though, nothing new anywhere else... first off, here are the results from the MICROSOFT Poll:

And now the new poll:

And now what some people are concerned is URGENT news. ;) Relax.

X3dfX appears to be down - but feat not... the message board was never hosted by the team themselves... so, those of you still looking for the X3dfX message board, well - you've found it. Now get back there, as a few of us are rather lonely!

Other news filters in, JoFSh has announced some cool stuff on Slacker's message board, interesting Serious Sam tweak... yeah this should be in the games section, but I'm too lazy, just enjoy what updates you get, who cares where I put'em? :) Alright, I'm off again... I'll see what other updates I can find for you all!



Finally, let me thank 3Dfx, JoFSh, Ailuros, SeniorBro, Jarrod, Chris (Slacker), ICET58, MMJr, SharkFood (just because - the man's a genious), and whoever originally designed I'm probably breaking copyright laws, and I'm sure they'll be in touch if I am... but I hope not, because this layout is excellent, and I hope I get to keep it. As always - thanks to the rest of you for your support, and banner clicking is extremely appreciated...

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