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Well, this is it. It's winding down. The final month. How appropriate that my last full month will be the month of August - the month I started on 3dfx hardware, the month of my birthday, and the month of countless other memorable moments throughout my life. It's been a good run, everyone. If you're looking to get ahold of me, is the new address for you. My AIM contact info will be changing soon, so if you want it, don't forget to email. If you send email to my address, I will get it, up until somehwere in the 1st week of September.

Well, what better sign off to all of my internet hermanos:
It's been real.


There comes a time when you've basically gone as far as you can go. This site, as a whole, reached that over a year ago. I myself, have reached it this year.

With the deaths of friends and family, I have certainly hit a few rough patches. And now with climbing tuition costs, and no help in sight, I've come to the decision to close the doors of my website... the extra $30 / year might help with tuition.

In doing so, I have decided to put my farwell together - a little something for all of you. Mostly towards the X3dfX community, but for anyone else, as well. All who were around for the 3dfx hay days will love it. It's, essentially, a powerpoint presentation... it sounds lame, but I think you'll enjoy it. You can download it from here.

To the rest of the web at large, feel free to enjoy the video/powerpoint, and I ask for your help. With tution costs on the rise, no method of transportation of my own, and really the only things legally under my name being my computer and my cellular phone - I ask for any pittance that you can help with.

Whether you're willing to help because you simply have pity for a college kid, or whether you're willing to help because you remember the good ol' days of 3dfx, or whether you're willing to help because you (at one time or another) used my drivers and appreciated the rehash of work I did in hopes of continuing 3dfx support - I would appreciate anything you can do.

I see it on the news, and for whatever reason, it seems to work for others. Simply requesting assistance, and people donate. Who, why, how, I don't know. But it can't hurt. Your support in the site's final months online is appreciated. I'm not threatening to eat a bunny, I'm not selling a Lincoln Fry... I'm simply asking for your support in the purest way possible. Please let me continue my education, and possibly help me with transportation issues (yay for my parents' car!).

I'm not too lazy to get a job, I'm just unlucky enough to live in a minimum wage town, where the best jobs for "summer help" are $6 an hour. Please understand I'm not trying to take the easy way out or even panhandle - but I simply see no possible way of carrying out without your help and support.

Anything you are able to give, is appreciated. If everyone gives even just a dollar, it would help me more than I could tell you. So please, click the DONATE button and help me out - it will be more meaningful than anything you've ever done.

If you've ever run into me online, I hope you've found me to be considerate, selfless, and helpful. I've joined many forums under the same alias, doing my best to help anyone with questions, whatever the topic. You can still find me doing my best to help out around HowardForums (a cell phone related technical site), and, of course, home base: X3dfX.

It's been a good five years. Thanks everyone. See you around.

Please give anything you can, your help is extremely appreciated.

Paypal links all should be working (one on left navbar seems to always work, when others don't), but if they are not functional, please note that any donations made at this time can be made to, or

Don't forget to Download the TRIBUTE goodbye!

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