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This page is just a huge collection of links to 3dfx related sites. Enjoy! (Still under construction)

Designed and written primarily by Adrian "OuTsIdEr" Moisey


Name: Description: Link:
3dfx The old site, barely functional.
x3dfx The site for the x3dfx team, largest 3dfx-user base.
Voodoo 5 6000 Resource Group The resource for Voodoo 5 6000's.
3DFXLivesOn! No longer active, but some good information.
x3dfx Community Support Page Drivers, BIOS's and Information.
3dfxBIOS division Stanto'sWorld Absolutely the best site for 3dfx BIOS downloads and information!
FalconFly 3dfx Archive Seemingly the best of the best, many downloads!
3DfxFiles VoodooFiles alternate domain.
Omegadrive's Little Corner Download Omegadrive's drivers.
CAirey's Home Page Download CAirey's drivers.
VooDoo®-LAND German 3dfx Site!!
X3dfXInfoNews Slapdash Voodoo 3 site, who took the time for LARGE driver benchmarks!
Voodoo Extreme No more 3dfx info, but an extremely good news site
3dfx Spirit French 3dfx Site!!
TC's Voodoo Page Site for older Voodoo cards V2,VB,V3, info guides, news
3dfxZone A wide array of 3dfx related downloads!
RashlyProductions [3dfx] Soon to have tons of great 3dfx related files!
3dfx Archive Essentially, a backed up version of the old!
Voodoousers Data pertaining to 3dfx cards, "Seniorbro's" original site