Video of the Week: JoCo plays Still Alive

To celebrate this week’s release of Portal 2, I thought I would make this week’s video of the week a clip of Joco playing the song for an interview.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie.





Jonathan Coulton was the guy who wrote the song that plays during the end credits of Portal.  Right after the game was released, he wrote an amazing blog post about the song, including lyrics and tablatures.

Rocky Jumped a Park Bench

If you’re on my site, chances are good you’ve played a video game or two.  Chances are also fair that you’ve seen the “Angry Nintendo Nerd” on YouTube.  Did you know that the same guy put together a series of videos, detailing as many of the spots around the city of Philadelphia that he could find that were featured in the Rocky movies?  Well he did, and he put them all together in a series he called: Rocky Jumped a Park Bench.