The $8 billion iPod

I’ve been to a TedX conference in Rochester, NY. TED usually brightens my life with brilliance and hilarity, in almost even doses. I saw Rob Reid, the speaker in the video below, on TWiT.TV’s Triangulation I knew I had to post one of the things he spoke about. He described his TED Talk, “The 8 billion dollar iPod” as “a very playful look on the insanity of copyright laws” (if I recall his quote correctly, I didn’t go back and listen to the Rob Reid episode #55 of Triangulation since I had heard it live).

Did Microsoft's Lisbon Experience reveal unannounced Windows 8 features?

In April, Microsoft held the Microsoft Lisbon Experience, a special event in Portugal celebrating their 20 years of having a subsidiary office there. It gave the Portuguese and visitors from around the globe a chance to meet and talk about Microsoft’s upcoming technologies. In the video below, we get a behind the scenes look at planning and setting up the physical space that was used for the “LXE” as they called it. What I find interesting are the few tidbits, like the swimming “beta” fish animation – it looks as though Microsoft may be planning some sort of “Live Desktop” features for Windows 8 that they haven’t announced, yet? See what else you might be able to spot in the brief video on Microsoft Portugal’s Youtube channel, video embedded below.