PC Doom and Gloom Continues in a New Decade

A Look Back at the Last Decade

In December, I didn’t end up writing an article of any kind. I thought I knew what I wanted to write, I hinted at it, but then I found other blogs discussing it (and I feel getting it wrong) and I figured my little fan theory mentioned in a previous post wasn’t even worth writing about. It’s just not my style or anything I’ve ever been invested in. What I AM invested in is me! I’ve been focusing on myself since my motorcycle accident and not worrying about fictional deadlines for videos that will get 5 views, and blog posts 3 people will read. I reminded myself that this website is an outlet for me, not a “job” of any kind. It’s a hobby. And it should remain that way. But I digress.

After all of that, I just wanted to call out this ZDNet article about “The End of Windows 7” being “the end of the PC era.

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I was in an accident

So, about those new videos…

I had intended to put out new episodes of Our Story So Far TV on a regular basis. I had built up a back log of titles that I thought would make good episodes. You may have even noticed some OTHER videos I had put out recently, such as installing saddlebags on my motorcycle.

Well, six days after I recorded that video, I ended up crashing that motorcycle. Thankfully, for the most part, I walked away from the crash. It was simply a matter of losing the bike on loose gravel, grabbing a fist-full of front brake rather than stabilizing myself with the rear brake… all mistakes I knew I had made right when they happened. Regardless, I went down, got some road rash, knocked a few ribs out of place, and broke a thumb.

It’s called a “Rolando Fracture”
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