That time I cracked a company’s software, using their own software

So I was debating whether or not I should write a post similar to this for a while, now… it’s a funny story, and not too long, but it doesn’t exactly paint me in my best light. But, then again, I have already admitted to pulling one over on a cellular carrier, so why not cop to some of the other silly shenanigans I pulled in my younger years?

Also reaffirming my decision to do this, the owner of this particular studio who developed the game I’m about to talk about has recently outed himself on Twitter with some blatantly racist and bigoted remarks, so I don’t feel as bad for what I did. More importantly, as you’re about to learn, I didn’t really DO anything nefarious!

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What I have learned throughout a career in I.T.

What kind of I.T. person are you? Sometimes where you work defines a lot of the characteristics of what you do in your job. Sometimes the type of person you are decides those factors for you, as well. Today I’m going to walk down memory lane throughout my career, and in this essay-length blog post, I’ll highlight a few lessons I’ve learned along the way.

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PC Doom and Gloom Continues in a New Decade

A Look Back at the Last Decade

In December, I didn’t end up writing an article of any kind. I thought I knew what I wanted to write, I hinted at it, but then I found other blogs discussing it (and I feel getting it wrong) and I figured my little fan theory mentioned in a previous post wasn’t even worth writing about. It’s just not my style or anything I’ve ever been invested in. What I AM invested in is me! I’ve been focusing on myself since my motorcycle accident and not worrying about fictional deadlines for videos that will get 5 views, and blog posts 3 people will read. I reminded myself that this website is an outlet for me, not a “job” of any kind. It’s a hobby. And it should remain that way. But I digress.

After all of that, I just wanted to call out this ZDNet article about “The End of Windows 7” being “the end of the PC era.

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