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For those who followed this site, thank you. I assumed that announcing things on twitter, etc… Would make sure everyone knew… But i have started a new blog at

I want to thank everyone who kept this site going, I was glad to be of service. The new blog is a mixture of gaming, personal, and tech, although it’s even less active than WinBreak was, due to a whole new life having started (moved, started a new job, etc…). But for the dedicated, you can always keep up with me on and, of course, Twitter.

See you there.

God of War Collection

A little over a year ago, I was playing a game that was already six months old, which was a compilation of games that were years old.  It was the God of War: Collection on PS3.  It was the game I was playing the day my PS3 stopped working.  I never had the cash to get my PS3 fixed, and in fact I still have it laying around…  along with these games.  I recently decided I missed watching things on Blu Ray and picked up a PS3 Slim.  Having only 3 PS3 discs still in my possession, I decided to pop in God of War Collection again.




I finally sat down and made my way through the first 2 parts of Kratos’ epic journey.  And I have to say: wow.  These games are fun.  They may be frustrating in some points, but as someone who only owned a PS1 for hacking and playing with exploits, and has never owned a PS2, I think there actually might have been a game I missed out on.


Being the God of War Collection they provide the buyer with a lot of bonus content on the Blu Ray movie portion of the disc – you can watch a good deal of behind the scenes materials,  During the “making of the game” interviews, they kept saying they wanted the game to be raw, visceral, and down right violent.  While you start to get the feeling of it in God of War, when you start playing God of War II, it really feels like they nailed what they were going for.  The animations are more fluid, the moves are more devastating, and everything simply feels more rewarding.



The enhanced graphics seen in the God of War Collection, I believe, were not specifically made for the game but rather they used the textures that they used in the FMV cut-scenes in the original games.  Now that they have the hardware, they just slapped that layer on every model and called it a day.  I’m sure there was more to it than that, of course…  but even though it doesn’t come across as a true high-resolution treat, the responsiveness of the game and smooth controls make chaining together a 50+ hit combo surprisingly easy.  And at one point in God of War II, yes, I even accomplished a 500+ hit combo.  Brutal isn’t even the word for it.


If you missed out on these titles the same way I had, there’s no better way to pick them up.  You can get both games for twenty bucks on a disc at Amazon, or i f you’re too impatient to wait, you can pay $30 for a code to download the content straight from the PlayStation Network.


After spending a few days a week for the last two weeks chugging my way through these campaigns, I can’t wait to get my hands on God of War III– it’s long overdue for me!

B-Games (like B-Movies) so bad they’re good!


I’m cheap.  Extremely cheap.  So when I see a game like Shellshock 2, Blood Trails for $20 brand new, I have to pay it some attention.  I picked this little gem up and started playing it.  While the graphics don’t live up to a lot of contemporary titles, they’re by no means bad.  And the story?  It’s as over-the-top plot (like an exploitation film from the 70’s!) combining war and horror.  Think Full Metal Jacket meats Condemned (too obscure itself? Your loss. Fine, think Resident Evil).



The game takes it’s “M” rating and runs with it – the “F” word is only sometimes abused in dialogue, but in the “journal entries” that you see on load screens our favorite-fill-in-for-fornicate may has well replaced the space bar.  It’s so ridiculous I can’t help but get sucked in.  It’s one of those games I can only take in small doses, but for under $20 I’m sure to get my money’s worth.



What’s that?  You don’t know what Sacred 2 is?  Well, it’s a game that, according to Amazon, is $11 used right now.  It’s also about as close to Diablo 2 you’ll ever get on the Xbox 360.  Like killing things and picking up loot?  Sacred 2 may be what you’ve been looking for.


Finally, I have to tell you: when I heard DarkStar One: Broken Alliance was coming to the Xbox 360 I was thrilled.  I had always wanted to play DarkStar One on the PC, but never had a chance to sit down with it.  For some reason, I found it more convenient to be coming to my Xbox 360, and what made it better?  It was budget-priced!



DarkStar One is a bit like the classic Wing Commander spin off series, Privateer.  If you liked space flight sim games from the 1990’s, this looks to be another case of “as close as you’ll get on the console.”  Here’s hoping that changes in the future.

A Parents' Guide to Gaming

Today, according to the American Library Association, is National Gaming Day at your Library. As a person who has grown up gaming, I see the confusion in some parents’ eyes as they try to determine what games are right for their children.

Your kid already knows what they want – but just because it’s a game doesn’t necessarily mean you should cave in, especially if you’re the type of parent that pays close attention to the movies your child watches or music they listen to. Why should video games be any different?

So today, I’ll be at my local library presenting, for parents who wish to attend, A Parent’s Guide to Gaming. I will be discussing ESRB ratings, as well as how the individual consoles handle their parental controls. For those unable to attend (the extreme majority of the people who view this website), I’ve prepared a few links that might help you.

Below are videos from the Entertainment Software Association of Canada – now these videos are a little old, but the majority of the information is still the same. I wish I had the ability to record today’s demonstrations, which will all show case the latest revisions of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. Since you can’t attend, below the videos are also step-by-step guides from the manufacturer’s themselves, describing in detail how to manage the Parental Controls of each console, with their latest updates.

Video Demonstrations
Configuring Parental Controls video for Microsoft Xbox 360
Configuring Parental Controls video for Sony PlayStation 3
Configuring Parental Controls video for Nintendo Wii

Written Guides
Setup Parental Controls step-by-step guides for Xbox 360
Setup Parental Controls step-by-step guides for PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Setup Parental Controls step-by-step guides for Wii