After downgrading IE10 to 9, unable to download (solved!)

I ran in to this one yesterday and thought I should tell you all how I got around it. First, a quick description of the problem.

After a recent downgrade from Internet Explorer 10 back to Internet Explorer 9 (by going to the Programs and Features menu and simply uninstalling IE10), problems started to crop up. Now, this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, I’ve successfully uninstalled 10 and gone back to 9 before, but this does appear to be a bug that has happened more than once. When you click a download link: NOTHING HAPPENS! I mean less than nothing. There is no “Run / Save / Cancel” window popping up, it just sits there. I spent hours trying to figure this one out, and the final solution isn’t pretty, but I’ll tell you what I had to do. Continue reading “After downgrading IE10 to 9, unable to download (solved!)”

DPOfcx error when opening Outlook Resolved!

This is an oddly specific error, and I don’t have any good screenshots to go with it, so I apologize, but it’s something I stumbled on to last week. When opening Outlook I got a very cryptic error message, but what jumped out at me was in the error it blamed the problem on “DPOfcx.” I found nothing useful about this error online, so I started picking through the computer until I realized it was an issue with HP ProtectTools. Generally, when we ship an HP out from our Help Desk, we uninstall this program (which is a pain in itself, because you need to first uninstall all ProtectTools modules, then the application itself). But this computer still had ProtectTools on it. Some users suggested changing your “DEP” settings in Windows, but that will open up an entirely different can of worms. Here’s the best solution I found: Continue reading “DPOfcx error when opening Outlook Resolved!”

Script error when opening Outlook 2013

I was recently working on a completely unrelated issue, and someone asked “while I’m talking to you, can you look at this?” They opened Outlook 2013 on their computer and were greeted by a Script Error. I hadn’t even seen Outlook 2013 before this (I skipped the Office 2013 preview last year!), but I was pretty quickly able to figure this one out.

I don’t have Office 2013 in front of me right this second, but I believe the steps were very similar to these:

  1. Right click on your account name / email address on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click on the Home Page tab.
  4. Uncheck boxes for Outlook today – you want Outlook to open straight to the Inbox.

These steps may not be precise, but they should be close. My instructions will be refined once I get a personal copy of Outlook 2013 – comments for clarification are always welcome!

How to move away from x86 and into the future

I recently read an interesting take on Why Intel can’t kill x86. Even video game console manufacturers are encountering the same issues. The solution I’m about to propose must have been proposed a hundred times over, but I think now is a good time to revisit it. Virtualization and emulation. Let me explain. Continue reading “How to move away from x86 and into the future”