iCloud Brute Force password list

A new tool has been released by a group of hackers that makes hacking things like your iCloud account VERY easy. You may not know you have an iCloud account, but if you have an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or have ever bought a song from iTunes, you have an iCloud account.

The hacking tool includes a pre-made list of 500 default password it runs through in a fraction of a second. Continue reading “iCloud Brute Force password list”

FIXED! Sprint ATIV S Neo Developer Preview 8.1 Unable to Activate after Reset

There has clearly been an issue with Windows the Phone 8.1 Developer Preview and CDMA phones. The issue was discovered a while ago, but it wasn’t an issue you were aware of, typically, until it was too late. My issue was that, after having to “factory default” my phone, it refused to properly reactivate with my carrier, Sprint. I had texting and voice calls, but no data or picture messages. Some research suggested the APN data just needed to be filled in, but calling Sprint resulted in being told that they don’t give out APN information because they provision over NAI, and their support forum was painfully not supportive.

Complaints aside, there is a way to fix this. Continue reading “FIXED! Sprint ATIV S Neo Developer Preview 8.1 Unable to Activate after Reset”

SOLVED: Windows Defender not starting after December ’14 Update

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that this patch is flawed, and has issued another fix to automatically uninstall KB3004394. Even more fascinating, our experience that this “Windows Defender” update somehow impacted display adapters and video drivers has been confirmed. Continue to read our original post below.

Just the other day, I had the chance to experience this one hands on. We had a computer that would report that Windows Defender could not start automatically, shortly after the computer had rebooted from recent Windows Updates. Windows Defender in Windows 7 is important because it acts as an anti-malware solution, not just an antivirus. So even if you have something like AVG, Symantec, or even Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender should be allowed to run in the background.

If you’re tech savvy, you may have even tried to go in to the Windows Services menu and attempted to start Windows Defender manually. If you try this, you will receive an error stating that “The Stub received bad data.” It turns out, there was a flaw in KB3004394, so simply uninstalling that for now will resolve the issue. I will provide the steps for uninstalling that patch.

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