Microsoft Zune – I told ya so?

So, I keep finding more and more stories related to “iPod Like Devices” but nobody but myself seems to believe that the up and coming Microsoft Zune could have anything to do with it.

Microsoft came clean, today, and announced their portable media player device would be named the Microsoft Zune (rumored to be previously codenamed “Argo”). Could this be the device I thought was perhaps an iTunes videoconferencing unit? Slashdot recently ran an article talking about other mp3 players and their designs, and how Apple will stick with the “clickwheel.” I can’t find the link right now, but there was another story I had even submitted to Slashdot that mentioned a different design for the iPod that appeared to be crammed in a cell phone. But now I’m wondering if the sites and articles I have been finding, which discussed strange patents similar to something Apple would work on, were really preliminary Zune patents?

By way of patents, I’d like to remind people that Microsoft and Apple still have open patent sharing, as per a 1997 agreement wherein Microsoft bought around 150 million dollars worth of Apple’s stock. But that doesn’t really matter when Microsoft patented the iPod’s clickwheel first. The words “iPod Killer” have been floating around the web for over a year now – but will anyone finally do it? Doubtful.

I’ll be working on some news with my connection at Microsoft to see what the word is right now. Many of you won’t remember, or had no idea who I was at that time, but I was among the first to provide the web with pictures of Microsoft’s earliest “Tablet PC” running a Windows Whistler beta. I intend to do the same with anything relating to the Zune – so you’d better stay tuned.

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Could Apple be planning a video conferencing iPod?

What even Slashdot isn’t reporting on: patents have been filed for a video conferencing technology to be put into portable handhelds, such as an iPod or cellular phone. What grabs everyone’s attention? The intimate working knowledge the patent holder seems to have of the iPod. It’s almost as if it could be an Apple employee.

Who else would so specifically call the device an “enhanced iPod” in their patent? And immediately offer up explanations of how a revised version of the QuickTime CODEC would do a lot of work? Additionally, schematics of how the hardware would coexist within an existing iPod unit. No, far too much detail for your average-joe-geek-seeking-patent-trolling-idea. I’d have to assume it’s far too late for an April fool’s joke. Maybe I’m just a victim of the Mac equivalent of the rarely-correct news site TheInquirer – but you can read on to the only site carrying the story so far, MacsimumNews.

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PRL Hacking Phones

Note: this is not an original article, it did not appear on this date. This date is used because I found a HowardForums post that I had made on this date, in reference to the work I was doing. It’s a story worth remembering. So I wrote this piece, but gave it the 2005 date because that was the time I was actually doing this, even though in this article I specifically reference things that happened well after 2005. Continue reading “PRL Hacking Phones”

Sega Dreamcast Katana SDK Leak

This post was written in 2019, but dated original April 6th, 2004: the date of the occurrence. I was given access to an installer file that a lot of people didn’t even have room to host, or the bandwidth to distribute in 2004. It was a large SDK for the Sega Dreamcast console. This version of the SDK was codenamed “Katana.”

I was not a developer, I wasn’t even much of a fan of the Dreamcast at the time. But I helped spread it out there, knowing that the Dreamcast had been effectively dead for years, and wanting to see the homebrew community get a shot in the arm. A community which still exists to this day.

By July, the link was taken down from my website. Thankfully not due to any legal threats, but simply because of it’s large (for the time) size and bandwidth needs… funny to look back, now, because I think the file was only about 350 MB, if memory serves me correctly.

It’s funny to find a quote of myself on the DCEmulation forums, quoted by user Strapping Scherzo (typos and all): “I’m not out to do it for fame, or to get under a companie’s skin… it’s all for the hopes of progress.” It was all true. I didn’t even have ads on my website back then.

I don’t have the installer any more, but nothing on the internet dies, and I certainly wasn’t the first person to have it, I just got it in a few more hands. What a wild time.