250 GB Modern Warfare 2 themed Xbox 360!

Microsoft’s own official Xbox.com has confirmed the existence of a $399 250 GB Xbox 360. This is in the form of a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console. It includes 2 black Modern Warfare 2 themed controllers, the black & custom themed console, the new “no it doesn’t exist” 250GB hard drive, and even a standard edition copy of Modern Warfare 2. Even if you think the price of the console and a controller should be no higher than $300, you’re still getting another controller and a game for what the Elite was priced at less than a month ago.

You can even begin the preorders at Amazon.com. It’s a hard deal to pass up!

UPDATE: Weird ODST Content BACK on the Marketplace!

The picture above was discovered months ago by the folks at Joystiq. These thigns were wiped from the Marketplace a long while ago. But I figured, with the game launching

    soon, they might just reappear. And sure enough, yesterday, they did.

    Everyone paying attention to ODST knows that Sgt. Johnson will be available to players in Firefight Mode as a bonus download for preordering. Haven’t preordered the game? Want Sgt. Johnson? Rich? Go ahead, try and download him! “Something Special” – when plugged in to everyone’s favorite search engine, reveals that the “Something Special” DLC is actually none other than Sgt. Johnson – now for the remarkably low price of 99999 . “EN Dolphin Data” has made a triumphant return to the Marketplace, as well, though attempts to download it fail repeatedly. This one is still a mystery.

    It should be noted that these items do not show up with the rest of the game’s Marketplace Content.

    UPDATE 1: Something popped in to my head today. Will still can’t verify exactly what “EN Dolphin Data” was – but in the recent Bungie Day ’09 Podcast, someone (I don’t recall who) had mentioned that there may be another piece of DLC. Well, nobody specifically mentioned DLC, but they mentioned that there may be a use for your Halo PC “yellow sticker” CD-Keys. I believe he was meaning those keys for the Halo 2 “Games for Windows Live” game, and not just “Halo CE” keys from a decade ago. But the game’s “CD-Key” is, infact, 5 sets of 5 characters (a “5-by-5” if you will)… the same as the codes for the Xbox Live Marketplace. It’s very likely that, whatever this Dolphin Content is, might be unlocked by Halo 2’s CDKey. But what will it be? This 4MB file of “EN Dolphin Data” could be it, but who knows exactly WHAT it is? Perhaps I’ll give that a shot? Looks like it’s still wait and see

The Beatles Rockband pre-order exlcusive desktops: Now Yours!

Here’s a whole slew of eye candy for you Beatles fans out there! Desktops of different sizes that you can use on your computer, or even throw on a USB drive and use on your PS3 or Xbox 360! The image above shows a small thumbnail of each picture along with it’s filename.

The files were released in the improper order on TheBeatlesRockband.com’s Pre-Order Club page, but I will try to help clarify when they were released and what’s in each picture (as a Beatles fan)!

July 2, 2009: Wallpaper 1, cloudy dreamscape with logo. Wallpaper 3, the legendary Studio 2 at Abbey road Studios.
July 28, 2009: Wallpaper 4, The Beatles stage for the Ed Sullivan Show.
August 7, 2009: Wallpaper 2, another cloudy dreamscape with the logo.
August 12, 2009: The Cavern Club, where The Beatles played nearly 300 shows.
August 28, 2009: Shea Stadium, where The Beatles broke new ground, selling out an entire stadium, rather than your average concert venue of a theater or club.
Sept 1, 2009: Budokan 1966 in Japan, where The Beatles proved to be a Pacific sensation on top of their trans-Atlantic success. This was their final tour.



Safe Bet: Halo Waypoint on your phone

While Halo fans wait for the application to come to Xbox Live Arcade, it seems as though we may finally be getting something else we have wanted for a long time. How soon we forget. We should have known that this was coming, what with the job listing that detailed an “online infrastructure” that combined “console, web, and mobile to create an immersive Halo World that follows the dedicated Halo fan wherever they go.”

With companies like In-Fusio supposedly working on mobile portals for Halo since 2006, and rumors of Mobile versions of Halo games on the horizon, I think it’s very clear that Halo Waypoint will find its way to Windows Mobile.

Personally, I think that an iPhone App is inevitable, if they sincerely want to reach their market. But do expect to see a certain level of dedication between Bungie and Microsoft, seeing that the Windows Mobile Marketplace is coming so soon. Think about it, Bungie has already said that they expect Waypoint to be available “earlier rather than later” in the fall, and (although no date has been announced yet). Windows Mobile 6.5 users should anticipate access to the Marketplace no later than early fourth quarter, while 6.0 and 6.1 users should have the app available to them by the end of 2009.

What the mobile version will entail, I’m not certain… but I would venture a guess that it will be more than a simple RSS reader. It may not be as full featured as the Xbox client, but I anticipate some streaming video and audio, as well as access to other things like your Bungie.net service record would be planned.