Can Wal-Mart save us from Big Oil?

Why isn’t anyone going up to bat for the little guy?  The little guy being you and I, by the way.


Everyone is blogging about oil prices this week, but I’m wondering why nobody is looking at it from this angle: the public needs support from larger companies.  It’s not every day when I think a big company should be helping out the general public, but this time I think I can make a case for it.


There’s lots of finger pointing going on and everyone is blaming one thing after another for high gas prices.  In 2008, the last time gas topped $4 a gallon in my neck of the woods, everyone said it was out of control and there was nothing they could do about it – but oil companies posted some of the largest prices of any company in the history of anything ever.  And I’m not being hyperbolic.  The latest round of rumors are that American oil production isn’t even operating at 100% right now, there isn’t a gas crisis or a gas shortage: it’s the futures market that is causing the crazy high gas prices.  I don’t care who is to blame, all I know is it hurts.


As gas prices approach the $4.00 per gallon mark, the economy can see (in broad terms) a slow down in sales elsewhere, like retail for instance.  We go through a national “belt tightening” every time gas prices get just a tad too high.  You can try to do things like buy gas cards, or even join Sam’s Club, where member-only gas pumps are often five to ten cents cheaper than neighboring gas stations…  but that’s not enough.



image credit: m_bartosch.

I think the big chain stores, like the Wal-Marts, the Lowes, Sears, Targets – they need to band together to find something to do about gas prices.  With enough pressure from them, there must be something that the Exxons of the world can do to trim back their excessively high profit margins.  While the consumer may be feeling the pinch now, I believe this could be bad news for the economy in the long run, because I sure will be going out less, doing less, spending less.  That many for my gas tank has to come from somewhere, and I need to get to work.  What I don’t need is to travel the interstates during my time off.  Stay-cation ‘08 is coming back for 2011!


Although large chains like Wal-Mart and Target might be able to ride out the storm, other chains that might not have quite as much draw may want to start putting a plan together, because I can certainly get by without visiting my local local RadioShack any time in the next six months, and might have to if I can’t afford the tiny luxuries of wasting money on random cabling and electronics supplies.  They might not be giants, but they’re big enough to get the attention of the oil companies and try to figure out what can be done to keep people like me on the road, instead of in the driveway.

5 of 5 Star Pagga (Lite)

As I draw this special edition of App Wednesday to a close, I wanted to highlight a game that is growing on me more and more.  It’s a beautiful space combat simulator called Star Pagga.




Don’t let the screenshot fool you, that’s from a very old version of the game.  The game’s graphics keep getting better and better, and it’s a very clear throw back to games like Wing Commander.  If you know me, you know how much of a WingNut I really am.  So when I saw a game that played like Wing Commander, available on my phone?  I jumped on it.


Star Pagga uses accelerometer controls and the touch screen to really immerse you in your space combat environment.  And I’m sure there’s quite a storyline to unfold, but I’ve only just started in on the full version.  There is a Lite version available which includes five playable levels.The game even features a multiplayer mode!  Again – I’ve barely touched on it, I just wanted to let people know that this game was out there, and that the space combat sim genre is not dead and gone!


So check out Star Pagga or at least Star Pagga Lite!




If you’ve ever used, you have no excuse not to know what this is and should be pumped to go get it and install it on your phone.  For those who don’t know what Meebo is, it’s simple: Meebo is every instant messenger, everywhere.  You sign in to one account, and it can sign you in to all other messengers (AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, etc…).




You don’t even need a meebo account if you don’t really want one, you can just use their interface to sign in to one program.  Meebo has a beautiful interface, and can easily help you keep things straight when you have several conversations going on at once.  If you’re an IM’er, my recommendation falls solely in the Meebo camp.



Disk Usage




Disk Usage is a very straight forward app.  I won’t even go in to much detail other than: it’s free, and VERY helpful.  Want to know why you have such a small amount of free space on your phone’s internal memory, or your SD Card?  This will graphically display your files and apps so that you can easily track down what the biggest files are and decide if you want to uninstall the app or just delete the files straight away.  You can zoom in by clicking in to each ‘directory’ and it will expand to show which files are taking up the space.  It’s so easy to use and so useful – you should go get it.  Now.