X-Men for Android and iPhone

There was a big announcement, a while back, that the classic Arcade game X-Men was released for iPhone. Quietly, the same day, it was released on the Android.

Yes, in 1992 one of my favorite games of all time found it’s way into arcades. And until recently, it hadn’t found it’s way into my home. But recently it was released on Xbox Live, then a matter of weeks later, it appeared on handsets.

The day it released, they were asking for $2.99 (which I gleefully paid as one of the first 250 downloaders, according to the Android Market). It is currently showing as only 99 cents, so I would encourage anyone to pick it up right away.

The game itself plays just like the original arcade version, though it does use the re-recorded voices found in the console re-release (don’t worry, your favorite Engrish has been faithfully recreated). On my Evo Shift I noticed absolutely no slow downs, after multiple playthroughs – with several sprites battling it out on the screen I was able to keep up and keep on beating’em up!.

On screen controls were fine, and mostly responsive. I see some complaints on Market reviews of people wishing they were smaller, but I like them the way they are. I just wish the Punch button and the Special button were swapped, because I am constantly accidentally exiting back to my Home Screen, because of the positioning of the physical buttons and the horizontal orientation of the game.

Despite the very few shortcomings of the controls, the game is a fun way to kill time, looks and sounds authentic, and even supports OpenFeint rewards, for Achievement junkies like me (what? Just because it isn’t Xbox Live doesn’t meant I don’t enjoy seeing the points pile up!).

There was a problem sending the command to the program – Excel

I deal with this one, time and time again, within the Help Desk. What causes it to trigger, I’m not certain. But one day, when trying to open Excel 2007 XLS documents, I come to the error message that says “There was a problem sending the command to the program.” If this happens to you, the solution is typically quick and easy. I have yet to see it in Excel 2010, but the solution is most likely the same. When greeted with “There was a problem sending the command to the program here’s what you do:

  • Click on the Office Button (in the upper left, where the File Menu was in Office XP and is in Office 2010).
  • Click Excel Options at the bottom.
  • Click Advanced on the left.
  • Scroll all the way down and look for the longest option, named “Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).”
  • UNCHECK that box.

That’s it! Exit Excel 2007 and test it! This should be the solution to your error “problem sending the command” error.

2011 – The Naked and Famous – Passive Me Aggessive You

It’s already made the rounds, but giving the entire album another listen I really like the fun loving sounds of The Naked and Famous. For those who haven’t heard them, yet, they will immediately make you think of bands like Air France or MGMT. However, this album doesn’t ever seem to send you on quite the same mind trip.

Passive Me, Aggressive You stays grounded in it’s musicality the entire time. The talent comes through and the and songs never seem to get lost in the mushroom-trip experience that other albums of this emerging indie genre seem to think is necessary. In fact, their songs become downright folksy, at times!

In the last couple of weeks, they have been busy adding several new videos to their website, which you can check out @ thenakedandfamous.com.

Relocated to NuAngel.net…

For those who followed this site, thank you. I assumed that announcing things on twitter, etc… Would make sure everyone knew… But i have started a new blog at NuAngel.net.

I want to thank everyone who kept this site going, I was glad to be of service. The new blog is a mixture of gaming, personal, and tech, although it’s even less active than WinBreak was, due to a whole new life having started (moved, started a new job, etc…). But for the dedicated, you can always keep up with me on NuAngel.net and, of course, Twitter.

See you there.