Adding another user's mailbox in Outlook, using BPOS & Office 365

This week’s post is another slightly more advanced one, so I apologize, but if you share this with your IT department, they’ll have no excuses! So you want full access to another user’s mailbox. It can be done, and has been done, with Exchange servers around the world. However if you need to do this in Microsoft’s Busness Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), then how in the world do you do it?

It used to be you could go to your Exchange server, find the user who is going to share their info with another user, and give them Send-As or Full-Access permissions. But where is that option in BPOS? It’s nowhere, that’s the problem. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

First off, any user who is an Administrator in BPOS already has access to anybody’s mailbox under their domain. Meaning you can open up your Outlook client, go to your account settings, click Change, click More Settings, go to the Advanced Tab, then click ADD, and type a user’s name. It’s that easy.

But I haven’t answered your question, yet. WHAT ABOUT BPOS? Here’s the scoop. I figured this one out a few days ago and have only tested it in Business Productivity Online Suite. However, a support rep from Microsoft has “confirmed” that these commands should work in Office 365. Your mileage may vary.

Let’s say I have two users, Vera ( and Dave ( Vera needs full permissions to Dave’s email. She will be using the simple steps above to add Dave’s mailbox to her Outlook, however Vera is not a domain administrator, so a special permission will need to be created in the system. This is surprisingly easy to do.

An Administrator must run command in the Migration Command Shell (which was set up, at some point, during your migration to BPOS).


Enter the following cmdlets as ONE SINGLE COMMAND (any line breaks are due to web-design):
To GIVE Vera access to Dave’s mail:
Add-MSOnlineMailPermission -Identity -TrustedUser -GrantFullAccess $True

At some point down the road you may need to REVOKE that access:
Remove-MSOnlineMailPermission -Identity -TrustedUser -RemoveFullAccess $True

Note how the commands differe: the “Remove” not only at the beginning, but the end ofthe command, rather than “Add” and “Grant” respectively. I’m by no means an expert with this, but I certainly hope this helps someone out there!

2006 – Anamanaguchi – Power supply

Anamanaguchi. Like a lot of music, this was something I found through complete happenstance. I was listening to a Podcast (Games Radar’s Talk Radar, to be specific). They used the song Helix Nebula as the intro to their podcast (and still do). I was instantly transported to a place that sounded like my childhood. And I was instantly happy. The song is amazingly well crafted, upbeat, entertaining, and uniqe. A lot of care goes in to what they’re doing, and the best part is: you can tell they’re doing it because they love it. They are among the best at what they do.

Anamanaguchi is a chiptune band. Which means their music comes from a video game system. In particular, they use actual NES hardware, generate some squarewaves, and rock your face off, occasionally bringing other instruments in to the mix. Songs like Helix Nebula and Fast Turtle are some of the happiest sounding tracks I’ve heard in years, and repeatedly put a smile on my face. I think I spent nearly three hours listening to the song Fast Turtle on a loop at one point.

If you don’t believe me that music coming out of a Nintendo will entertain you, I challenge you to listen to it and tell me different. Because you can, the band made their 2006 album a totally free download on the chiptune dedicated website Every time I begin to play Anamanaguchi songs for someone, their immediate response is “oh, wow, that’s cool.” Then, after they hear more of the song, it escalates to “and really good!” So go download Power Supply and come back here and tell me that you’re glad you heard it. You’re welcome.

If you really liked Power Supply, you can listen to all of the songs from their 2009 album Dawn Metropolis for free (the album’s website is like a giant interactive music video for every track!), buy that album, and even download MORE free tracks all from the band’s website.

Anamanaguchi loves what they do, they love pumping up their crowds, they love getting the energy back from their audience. Although I’m pre-writing most of this post, at the time this will be published I will have literally seen Anamanaguchi play in Rochester, NY not 12 hours ago. I’m hoping they make my face hurt from smiling for so long, and I have no reason to believe they won’t. I’ll update the post with some media, if I get anything good!

Is your Xbox 360 Cloud Save giving you trouble?

Sunday means it’s a fresh start, and a fresh Xbox Tip of the Week!

Recently, I helped you Xbox Live Gold subscribers figure out how to use Cloud Saves on your Xbox 360. But what if you have problems with it? What if you receive an error message like “pending upload” or “out of sync?” Don’t worry, Microsoft has already drafted up a guide with answers to the question you’re facing.

Microsoft has posted Cloud Storage Help to their website (NOTE: in traditional Microsoft fashion, the link is dead and there are 2 new articles to replace it: Cloud Save Troubleshooting and Cloud Storage Sync Error Messages – last updated 5/31/2018), and will help you figure out where things have gone wrong when it comes to using the new Cloud Storage feature on your Xbox 360.

PIPA (and SOPA) Break the Internet!

The press didn’t do their job. And I can’t do it for them. But people asked all day on Wednesday if the internet was broken. Nobdoy would READ the text on Wikipedia, Reddit, or other websites who “went dark” on Wednesday, January 18th 2012. They just realized the content wasn’t coming up and immediately clicked away. So if you don’t get what all the fuss was about, you should watch this video (originally created months ago!).

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.