2011 – Beefy – The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Vampire Hunter

Beefy is a nercore rapper who loves his fans. So much so that his latest album, The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Vampire Hunter, is available is a “Donation What You Can” priced album. Which could include it being free, if you really want.

You might not know him from the likes of MC Frontalot, or MC Chris – but you should get to know Beefy. If you listened to last week’s Music Monday album, Bremelanotide, then you were introduced to Beefy the same way I was. You may have also seen him in the documentary Nerdcore_Rising. Most of his songs are positive, upbeat, and downright fun to listen to. The songs revolve around themes closest to nerds like us, with songs on this album such as PAXXX, Outlaw (based on Red Dead Redemption’s storyline), and Twenty Sided Rhyme.

While you’re there, you can stream several other albums from Beefy’s Bandcamp Site, or you can elect to buy them and name your price, if you need those MP3s on the go!

How do I remove / replace the hard drive in the Xbox 360 S?

Even though the Xbox 360 S or “slim” doesn’t have a big hard drive unit attached to the top or side of the console, there is still a hard drive in most models of this latest revision of the Xbox 360. The 4GB model does not have a drive included, but the very popular Xbox 360 250 GB model has a hard drive hidden on the inside. If, for some reason, you need to remove and re-seat the drive or replace it entirely, the steps are quite simple.

You simply need to remove a small plastic cover from the end of the console and pull the plastic tab to remove the drive. The steps, and some easy to understand pictures are on support.xbox.com, as always, and the link also includes how to remove the hard drive on the original Xbox 360 (which is mostly self explanatory). Good luck with it!

A new Wing Commander game? It's happening!

UPDATE: The creator of Wing Commander, Chris Roberts, is unveiling a new game.

The murmurs are getting louder that a new full blown Wing Commander game is in the works! It’s 2012. We probably won’t see much until 2013 at least, if the project is as big as it sounds. But you don’t get much more confirmation than this filing at the US Patent Office.

The posting clearly indicates that one Electronic Arts, Inc. of Redwood City, California has requested an extension of intent to use the words “Wing Commander” in a project which includes “Recorded and downloadable video and audio files featuring information and instructions regarding computer and video games; computer game software; computer game software and manuals sold as a unit; computer video game software; computer video game software and manuals sold as a unit…”

This filing with the patent office was updated as recently as September 6th, 2011. Other recent documents and rumors have turned up legal filings involving a Chris Roberts (original writer and director of Wing Commander) film project in Detroit. It’s looking pretty straight forward, folks. I’ll be seeing you in the cockpit soon!