2011 – Blink 182 – Neighborhoods

I’ve talked to more than a few people who had no idea this album was ever even released. Yes, in 2011, Blink 182 got back together and released an album entitled Neighborhoods. Those that know it, have mixed feelings about it, from what I’ve heard. And I feel some of the same ways. I encourage people to at least check the album out, but the rest of this post goes in depth a little more for the people who have known Blink 182 for years and years.

Basically, the album is very much Tom’s album. If you listened to and enjoyed Angels and Airwaves, you’ll most likely enjoy this. Although the songs aren’t as ethereal as “AVA” songs (so nicknamed after Tom’s daughter), lyrically AND musically, this sounds more like Tom’s project Angels and Airwaves, than the Mark and Travis project Plus 44. It’s a lot less Blink 182 punk rock or pop punk, and it’s trying to be much deeper.

Trying to be is the key word here, though. I find the album to be repetitive. I think if I hear Tom DeLonge sing one more song with the word “ghost” in it, I’m going to drive my car off a cliff. Only one track on the album seemed like it was one of Mark’s, and it had the trade mark “I’m going to drive these lyrics in to the ground by repeating them until you hear them in your nightmares.” Although Neighborhoods is worth listening to, just don’t expect to hear Blink 182. Although the band changed slightly with every album they released, this just isn’t the same as any of them that came before. Still, since I know more than a few people didn’t even know the album was released, so you owe it to yourself to check it out!

How can I tell if Xbox Live is down right now?

Whenever there’s the slightest hiccup, people want to know if Xbox Live is down. Microsoft makes it extremely easy to find out if Xbox Live as a whole is down, or just certain aspects, services, or applications are unavailable. All you have to do is head to the Xbox Live Status page and make sure everything has a green check mark! If it doesn’t, then you can start to freak out. 😉

Earthereal – time-lapsed photos from the ISS

In this video, Earthereal, you have several high resolution photos taken from the international space station strung together to make a beautiful series of time-lapse trips around the earth. I suggest turning OFF the “HD” mode to watch it once, then turning it on to watch it again. I don’t know if it was my end or Vimeo’s, but the HD video did NOT want to buffer for me. Let’s hope you all have better luck.

When did movie tie in games get good?


A couple of years ago, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released. This game was the beginning of Marvel Comics’ rebirth in the video games industry. There had been some decent games (Marvel Ultimate Alliance), and there had been some crap (every other Spider-Man game in recent years, with some exceptions) before then. But when I played X-Men Origins Wolverine, I found myself replaying it over and over. The story was alright, engaging enough, but the game play mechanics and the violence levels really let everyone know the game was not your run of the mill “fun for the whole family, lets make a buck off the movie franchise” tie-in game. The game made you feel like a bad ass. The mechanics were simple, it was an old school beatem up brawler, but with long leaps, visceral thrashing, and adamantium claws. More recently, the Captain America: Super Soldier game was released. Now, I’ll admit I’m behind the times finally getting to it (several months late at this point), but I’m already hurting when I see it in bargain bins. It’s a fantastic title, with relatively good graphics, far voice acting, and (once again) EXCELLENT gameplay.

What the games lack in some triple-A game franchise appeal, they more than make up for in being down right good games. For anyone shying away from comic book or movie tie in video games, I have to say don’t stray too far away. You might want to give them another look (especially at their discounted prices). You may find something that surprises you.