E3 2012: NOT a let down

Was this a disappointing year for E3? Over the last several years, E3 has tried to return to its rightful place as reigning champion of video game conventions, and although PAX has stolen some of their thunder, E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) has done a very good job of revitalizing what they began.

This year was lacking the big shock of new console announcements. It wasn’t just a rumor, it wasn’t “we have it on good authority” – it was a known commodity that Nintendo’s WiiU would be talked about, because it had already been announced. But rather than give us a ship date or price, rather than tease us with something we’ve been wanting for over a decade (Killer Instinct 3, anyone?), we got some cute mini-games and a sneak pack of a Wii U dressed in black. The Sony conference plugged a new God of War, talked at lenth about WonderBook, then rang the death knell for the PS Vita by not announcing a price cut. Microsoft impressed a few people with Halo 4’s story intensive trailer, and at least they didn’t announce a new product to compete with the 3DS or the PS Vita. Microsoft had the coolest “previously unannounced” (although leaked) item in the presentation, SmartGlass. SmartGlass is an enhanced offering of the Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

So, no, it wasn’t amazing or jaw dropping… but, there are some exciting things happening in all three camps. I’m not a huge fan of Wonderbook, but the idea can be expanded upon and will find a niche – it may even encourage some people who dislike reading to get more interested in the written word, in the same way that e-books have ignited interest among young tech enthusiasts. No, it wasn’t the most exciting year for E3, but I’m confident that it wasn’t even in the top ten when it comes to “the worst.” I’m fairly pleased with what we’ve got to look forward to, and if you’re not, then I encourage you to go back and re-watch some of the pressers(Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) and pick something out to enjoy – it’s not all bad news!

Adobe Acrobat has not been installed clicking PDF links? Solved!

Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is already installed on your computer, this is one thing you’re sure of. But every time you click a link to a PDF, you get a big paragraph of an error message which starts with: “Adobe Acrobat Reader has not been installed on your computer…” – but if you save the PDF and open it, it works fine. It’s a strange glitch I’ve seen more than a few times in Adobe Reader. Here’s the quick fix: Continue reading “Adobe Acrobat has not been installed clicking PDF links? Solved!”

Benefits of installing Xbox 360 games to the hard drive

Installing games to your Xbox 360 hard drive gives you many benefits, including faster load times, less wear and tear on the console itself, and a quieter running system. Also, although I do not know exact numbers, significant power savings are achieved by not requiring the disc to constantly spin while playing games. Although you must still have the disc in the drive to start the game I still prefer to install my games to the hard drive for all of these benefits.
There are some games that are designed to stream data from the disc and have been specifically engineered to be played off of the disc. RockStar first said this with Grand Theft Auto IV, and have continued that suggestion by explaining that GTA5 has an install disc, but you should NOT install the Play Disc. Still, overall, I find installing games pretty beneficial – large, open world games may be the one exception, but it certainly won’t do any real harm if you install the games!

Here is how you can install your games to the hard drive of your Xbox 360 console: Continue reading “Benefits of installing Xbox 360 games to the hard drive”