How to Shutdown and Restart Windows 8

It’s a basic question, but on current generation hardware, there is no basic answer! On tablets you’ll expect to see power buttons and some of the ‘gestures’ to open menus might make sense, but on a desktop PC, Windows 8 is so different that people are asking how do I shutdown my Windows 8 computer? Well, luckily, it’s not much more difficult than it was to learn that you had to click on Start, to shutdown your computer. Remember, back in 1995, THAT was unintuitive!

The fastest way to shutdown a Windows 8 computer is by bringing up the Charms menu. This can be done by placing the mouse in the lower right hand corner of the screen, OR by using the hotkeys: Windows Key + C. Once the menu pops up in the right hand side, click on Settings, then Power, then you can choose to Shutdown or Restart the computer (other options like Sleep or Hibernate may also be available, depending on your configuration).

It sounds like a lot, but it’s still just a couple of clicks, just like clicking start, then shutdown, then shutdown, again like Windows XP or Windows 7.

Space Above and Beyond – the sci-fi series you DIDN'T watch

As you probably noticed from some recent gaming posts, I was a big fan of Wing Commander growing up. But the Wing Commander movie was boring at best, and the Wing Commander animated series was busy rewriting backstories of characters I already knew and loved.

For the sci-fi geek in me, the best “space fighter-pilot jock” action for my dollar always came from Space Above and Beyond. This TV series constantly gave you the intensity of being in the cockpit, while developing characters and backstories you come to know intimately: the members of the 58th Squadron. Although planned for five seasons, only the first ever aired and the show was prematurely canceled, just like everything else we Sci-Fi fans enjoy. But those 24 episodes are some of my favorite stories ever told, and you can tell they had some higher hopes planned for the series.

I would highly suggest anyone looking to fill that “Wing Commander” shaped whole in their life while waiting for Squadron 42 should take a look at Space Above and Beyond – The Complete Series. It’s not a game, but it is immersive.

How long does the Xbox 360 warrany last: Answer & how to check YOUR warranty!

Sometimes you need to get a little help from the service center. It’s okay, that happens. But before you call Xbox Support, it’s nice to know if your console is under warranty. The standard warranty for a brand new Xbox 360 is one year. You can check your warranty status at

A whole host of other questions, regarding the Xbox 360 warranty, are answered by Xbox Support.