On Deck: Metroid

My first experience with Metroid, like many, came with Super Metroid. But it hooked me. I worked my way backwards and played Metroid II, then the original on the NES. Admittedly, I got out of console gaming for a while, and I haven’t touched the Prime or Fusion sagas, but I think it’s time.

That’s not entirely true. I had a Gamecube for a short while in college. I began Metroid Prime, but I actually got stuck very early on, and never finished it. And I, more recently, played some of Metroid: Other M on the Nintendo Wii, but got sidetracked by an avalanche of Xbox 360 games I had been wanting to play. It’s time to get back to some great games. I think on deck for this weekend will be finishing Other M. Then, perhaps I can focus my time on the Metroid Prime trilogy. I have to do something while I pass the time waiting until Halo 4 is released, and the Star Citizen Kickstarter campaign ends!

Why I think people will move "back" from cloud computing

They times… are they really a-changin’? I’m the first person on to any technology band wagon. Yes, I already pre-ordered my WindowsRT tablet. Yes, I pre-ordered the Wii U, and the Ouya. I have a lot of my own data stored in “the cloud” and use multiple cloud computing services. Yes, I’m running the Windows 8 RTM and always have beta versions of OS’s on practically all of my devices. But being a technophile and getting wrapped up in the latest and greatest, doesn’t necessarily mean that I believe all of the hype and buzz words in the industry. Continue reading “Why I think people will move "back" from cloud computing”

Justin.TV requires flash? Use jViewer for Windows Phone 7!

As I’ve discussed before, I’m a big fan of TWiT.TV – I watch several of the shows live, whenever I can. The problem is, all of their live streaming partners, at least right now, use Flash for their video players. This makes it difficult when you want to watch on your Windows Phone 7 device, without having to buy a 3rd party app.

Luckily, TWiT streams, along with thousands of others at any given time, using Justin.TV. jViewer Free solves the problem by allowing you to find the channel and stream it at will! You can even record streams to watch them later! The paid version is ad-free, but the free version is otherwise feature-complete. So check the apps out and enjoy!