Pebble Notifier does everything the Pebble Watch SHOULD do!

When I heard about the Pebble I wasn’t interested. I know, call me crazy. It just seemed over priced for not having to reach in to my pocket. It’s not THAT convenient. However, I do have friends who bought the Pebble Watch. I became even less interested when I heard that only certain apps could send notifications to the Pebble Watch. Lucky for you, the geeks are already on your side!

Pebble Notifier was quick to arrive. Open it up, choose from the list of apps on your phone, and have notifications pushed to your Pebble. This app isn’t going to help me, but I have good feedback telling me it works pretty reliably, so I wanted to pass it along to the Pebble owners out there.

Where and How to configure Out of Office in Outlook 2010

You might have some travel planned and need to spend some time away from work. In the age of mobile phones it feels like we can never be too far away from our email, particularly when it is work related. Still, it is professional courtesy to leave an “Out of Office” message on when you’re gone – so that people who send you email get an automatic response to their email. I generally put in a blanket statement saying I’m out of the office, and I’ll be back at a certain date; including a contact number for someone they can reach quickly if they need help is a nice addition. But how do you DO it when it comes to the “vastly different than its predecessors” Outlook 2010? This is how:

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2003 – Trigun (boxed series)

I don’t remember when I first saw Trigun, but I remember it was one of the most serious episodes in the series. Vash The Stampede is the main character, who tries to be hero, but is often followed be enough trouble that he is referred to as the Human Typhoon. Johnny Yong Bosch does the English dubbed voice, but he is the person who drew me in. The episode I saw drew deeper emotion out of him than I was used to seeing in most animated series. I was already well versed in anime, and even emotional heavyweights lime Akira and My Neighbor Totoro, but Boch’s voice made me care for this character. After catching several episodes the way most Americans had back then, on Cartoon Network, I went ahead and bought a boxed set of DVDs on eBay so I could finally watch the story unfold.

It has been a few years since I sat down and watched the whole series, but the DVDs sit on my shelf, constantly beckoning me back. Eventually I will, but it’s almost the kind of thing you need to be in the right mindset for, because although there is ample action and comedy, the series can be draining at times, as you get wrapped up in the mystery of this sci-fi western. Go ahead and pick up the Trigun – The Complete Boxed Set.

Low power downloads

If you have a large download to complete on your Xbox 360, did you know that you can do this while saving electricity and saving the wear on your console? A feature that was added to the dashboard around the time the “NXE” launched allows you to start a download from Xbox Live, then power off the console without aborting your download.

Just start any download, like demo, or some large DLC. By default, the console will download your content in the background, while you continue to browse the dashboard, or even while playing a local / single player game on your 360. But let’s you just started the downlod and you want t leve for a while? Go ahead and shut down your Xbox 360, as you normally would (from the dashboard, the guide button, or even by pressing the power button on the console). Your console will cut power to the GPU and other nonessential hardware, then it will complete the download and power off when finished.

To ensure that background downloads are enabled:

  1. Use the right bumper to navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Select System Settings.
  3. Select Console Settings.
  4. Select Startup and Shutdwown.
  5. Select Background Downloads.
  6. Ensure the current setting on the right shows it is on, or else slect Enable.

For questions about background download behavior, check out Microsoft’ support articke on why the power light flahes green on the 360 console.