EWG's Dirty Dozen app

The Environmental Working Group has a list of products they call the Dirty Dozen. These are fruits and vegetables known to be highly treated and altered by pesticides and other chemicals – whereas the Clean 15 are general safer. Now, I’m not big in to these lists, I’m an old fashioned “that which does not kill me…” kind of guy. But when my neighbor showed me this quick and simple app, I thought some people out there might want to know it!

The app is self contained and has the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15, as well as a list of several dozen common grocery items that you will find in your home, and how they rank among the others as far as toxins go and whether or not you should consider buying “organic.” The app, of course, is simply called Dirty Dozen on the Windows Phone. Enjoy!

Microsoft's Authenticator App

Last week, Microsoft formally unveiled two-factor authentication for your Microsoft Account. I mentioned on Sunday that Xbox Live would be taking advantage of this new feature.

Tired of opening your browser and finding the website for the authenticator? You can now get the app on Windows Phone! If you’re a Windows Phone user already, but you wanted two-factor authentication on your Google account, you can also use this same app, since Google’s Authenticator App for Android doesn’t seem like it’s ever coming to Windows Phone. Microsoft’s Authenticator for Windows Phone is certainly the way to go to enhance your security!

After downgrading IE10 to 9, unable to download (solved!)

I ran in to this one yesterday and thought I should tell you all how I got around it. First, a quick description of the problem.

After a recent downgrade from Internet Explorer 10 back to Internet Explorer 9 (by going to the Programs and Features menu and simply uninstalling IE10), problems started to crop up. Now, this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, I’ve successfully uninstalled 10 and gone back to 9 before, but this does appear to be a bug that has happened more than once. When you click a download link: NOTHING HAPPENS! I mean less than nothing. There is no “Run / Save / Cancel” window popping up, it just sits there. I spent hours trying to figure this one out, and the final solution isn’t pretty, but I’ll tell you what I had to do. Continue reading “After downgrading IE10 to 9, unable to download (solved!)”