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Here we have some of the things that caused the site to grow in popularity. It's a cut and paste (sometimes 'trimmed' version) of things that were once posted directly above the line which says "clasic content" that you see... stuff you might want to keep track of, or download at a later date.


Finally, something has been added to the CLASSIC section! For those who want'em, we still have WickedGL and the 3dfx Source Code available.


...On another note, while I have NOT tryed these, there is a sourceforge project out which is currently updating BrookTree's 'bt848/9, 878/9' based TV Tuner cards. The VoodooTV is based on just such a chip. Presumably you'll be able to use this as an updated VIDEO driver for your VoodooTV card, HOWEVER please note that these drivers appear to be VIDEO ONLY, and the audio portion of your VoodooTV will have to be installed via your VoodooTV driver disc, or from a driver in the VoodooTV-ZIP on

THIS is what makes programs like 3dMark 2000 believe you have T&L enabled on a Voodoo card. Somone e-mailed me and said it wouldn't work in 3dMark 2001 - but like he said... a software solution can only go so far. What it originally was, was a set of files that would tweak up a Voodoo 3 and give it some advanced Voodoo 5 specific features - therefore, I havn't changed the name. They still include 3dfx's own 3dfxogl.dll and JoFSh's edited d3dim.dll files, but there are a few new (V3) 1.07.00 hidden advanced features, revealed! These include: Hidden Surface Removal ¡BETA! and Guardband Clipping! The following description was assembled by info from John, and other gathered about the net:

Guardband clipping is a way to deal with the problem of clipping triangles generated by the application that do not fit in or fall into the visible region of the screen. When triangles are clipped to the screen in software it's a CPU-intensive task. We could expect up to 20% improvement in some cases (but this is on a Voodoo 5 VSA-100 chip).

The Hidden Surface Removal renders only the visible surfaces so in theory speeds up FPS.However it is still in the BETA stages and artifacts appear on the most vigorous setting (Aggressive Tiling).

Grab JoFSh's Voodoo 3 Extras and see what they all do for you!

In order to install these files, please use winzip, (or some form of extraction program) and unzip the files to the base C:\ directory. The archive should takeover, and copy the 2 dll files to the C:\windows\system directory, and the 2 REG files to the desktop. However, if this does not happen, track down the 4 extracted files, and move them to the appropriate folders.

Alright, I've began hosting the DXUninstaller, as I've noticed it's becoming increasingly rare. Click Here to download it now - it seems to be effective for any version.

Updates have also been delayed due to my founding and working with X3dfX Community Development (X3dfX-C). X3dfX Community Development came together, under my leadership. I gathered up team members I fealt were right for each job, and they have successfully released their first "driver." I'm less in the development end of things, now though, and I remain "founder" and I still do some of the work. But my personal schedule is murder as of late, so some of you will have to excuse my tardiness in all things.

With more and more computer stores nearly giving away copies of Windows 95, 98, and Millennium Edition, it's hard to deny that most of the world runs on Windows. So many people complained about the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (BSoD) in Windows 95, and the number seemed to increase with 98, that one man decided to fix the problem. Revolution decided that he had the know how to make a universal BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH fix! I have recieved many e-mails, thanking me for finding, publicizing, and hosting this file, as it's saved many headaches from many people. While I didn't create the file, and never wanted to assume any credit for doing so, I do appreciate your kind words. That's why the VXD Fix file has made it to this here "final hall of fame" of

The above file should work with any version of Windows 9x up through "ME." The important notice is that if it requests the CDROM, be sure to use the CDROM that your OS is running (if it asks for your Windows CDROM, and you're running Win98SE, be sure to use the SE CDROM!).

Gaming isn't easy on an AMD... no matter how much I love my K62, the whole lockup / freeze problem is annoying. I'm sure that by now you K62 owners have heard of the WRITE ALLOCATION problem, yes?If not, let me tell you a quick bit about it:

From my Abit Owner's Manual:
This option is used to free up the memory block 15MB - 16MB. Some special peripherals need to use a memory block located 15 & 16MB, and this memory block has a size of 1MB.

Make sure it's switched on (enabled) in the BIOS, and everything will be fine. What if it's not in the BIOS? Simple, download SetK6 and watch all worries fade away! A quick not - if you download setK6 - you should either

A) Put SETK6 in your startup folder in Windows


B) Make a line containing a path to SetK6D, similar to the following, in your Autoexec.bat file on C:\ (please note, the path should be to wherever you unzip to).

Finally, let me thank 3Dfx, my secret informants, JoFSh, OuTsIdEr, SeniorBro, Jarrod (Tron), Chris (Slacker), ICET58, SharkFood (just because - the man's a genious). As always - thanks to the rest of you for your support.

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