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Own a Voodoo card? Having too many problems with all your new OpenGL games (Jedi Knight II, Medal of Honor, etc... ?), download WickedGL, it oughtta help!

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Everything below was compiled as things that I thought set apart from other websites, and I hoped to keep in circulation. Enjoy, please. Again, any questions or comments, there are limitless ways to get ahold of me.


Just FYI, I've updated the URL to the PDF, and renamed the PDF itself, so that I don't look like a moron. lol... Many thanks to Thomas Monk for the recognition, and using my PDF as the semi-official PDF! For now, the PDF can be downloaded at:


Thanks to "V5" from the X3dfX EZBoard message board, I found a wonderful link to an amazing article. This article, written by Tom Monk of, showcases seven years video cards and 3d accelerators. Yes, it even includes the birth and demise of 'our beloved' 3dfx.

I would absolutely recommend you read the entire article. If you have the time, do really take in the whole thing. It's unbiased, which isn't too hard, considering it's merely history, not a review - but the time share an lack of negative remarks towards other comapnies show the maturity and professionalism of this writer. He's also open to real criticisms of his work, and is open to new facts, to disprove those he presents. His information is well up to date, and some has even come directly from the companies them selves.

If you would like to download an unofficial PDF of the article which I made, CLICK HERE. This is 3.16 MB, and is 51 pages in the PDF, and 7 or 8 web-pages (who knows how many, printed) when viewing the article on their website. Accelnation is working on their own PDF, and although I did submit this one to them, but they may make one of their own. That's up to them. But until then, I decided to provide this one for you.

Also, with 3dfx related news and drivers and hardware all... really... just coming to stop, I'm still debating what to do with the site. While there is one project under way, I can't detail it right now without giving it all away. Hopefully with details unveiled about the project, we can also revamp the website (the ol' stolen layout is kind of getting old, I guess).

I will admit, not a lot is being done right now. I have to work extremely hard over the next few months, on a few personal things. Website updates will be sparse, but no matter what I'm doing at the time that the larger project is finished, you will be sure to notice the difference in the website and the layout. Until then, I just hope everything here will work out for me. Pretty stressfull times. Anyways, enough of my rantings - so just enjoy the article until then. Let me add ONE more tidbit of news:

If you do want a little 3dfx news: 3Dhq released a new beta of the drivers... also "One3dfx" has released a beta driver of their own, for Windows XP and Voodoo 3, 4, 5. I don't have the info about'em though, you might want to check the site on your own to see what they detail in the way of changes and benefits of their driver set.

Alright, that does it, have a good day!


What a day this has been for me! Let's see, there was one very interesting e-mail. I've already deleted it, but let's just say I was accused of promoting spyware on my website!

That's right! Me, one of the biggest Anti-Spyware people you know, a huge supporter and promoter of Lavasoft's Ad-Aware! How cute the accusations are, eh? Well, I was told, to my chagrin, that my website had installed "Xupiter" on this man's computer. Then he proceeded to tell me that he had 'warned others' of my evil actions... the funny thing is, he merely said this had happened, but offered up no proof.

So, let me FIRST give the benefit of the doubt to my new friend Paula Lares. If Paula's dreams come true, and I'm guilty as charged, those of you who run: Lavasoft Ad-Aware 6.0 should be able to find Xupiter installed on your systems, and you could hang me out to dry.

HOWEVER, if Xupiter is not on your system, Paula Lares is indeed guilty of libel, and has made false accusations against my website. Lares should be TOLD of these deeds, and my request is that all of you, the true fans, and those who understand the saverity of false accusations, should come to my defense, and send an e-mail to: - and tell Paula that you found no trace of Xupiter on your system after visiting my website. I'm not asking for barages, or attacks or anything stupid like that - be sensable, be mature. But for those of you willing to take some time out, just a few minutes, please e-mail and protest the defacing of my website.

MOVING RIGHT ALONG! Today was also an exciting day for me, because, although I was accepted for beta about a week ago, I finally got to begin testing on One Must Fall: Battlegrounds! If you don't know much about OMF:BG, I recommend you check out their website at, and downloading movies, music, images, whatever you can! This game is awesome!!

One Must Fall sound familiar? It should. A game with the same title was recently inducted into the Gamespy Hall of Fame, and has gained an incredible following! One Must Fall 2097 was an amazing fighting game from the early 90's, which has since become legalized freeware, the lead developer of the game did it. You can download the original , and get a little bit of information here: - there was an even earlier version, I'll see if I can find it for you all to play around with... the VERY old version was just two fighters, in Gi's, fighting. As soon as one died, you push the button to restart the game. Pretty simplistic - but it evolved in to robots, with pilots, and an amazing storyline. Play the old one, wait for the new one. If your a member of the message board, you will be let in to an early beta, a few weeks before the public beta.

Anyways, that was just my way of drumming up a little more support for OMF. Some of us are affraid the only ones who are going to buy it are the ones who played the original, but if you really get a good look at this, and start listening to the music, and reading the other articles, you might find yourself at least wanting to get in on the action when the beta comes out!


Well, we're on the new server, let's hope everything works fine. Do let me know if you come accross problems accessing pages within this web page.

Latest news, I've pulled down the "Free Kevin Frenzy" web page, due to a lack of response from the public. Also, for those who were unaware, if you're looking for 3DAnalyse, you can download the latest version from my website. 3DAnalyse is a program created by Tommti Systems which can allow your computer to emulate software Transformation and Lighting - for instance, a Voodoo 5 and a game which requires T&L makes for one big mess - but with 3DA, you have a much better chance at getting it to work! DOWNLOAD 3D Analyse Here!

Finally, today, it does look like the end here for 3dfx Drivers. I revised my "NuDriver 2K X^2" one more time, with a small update. No real changes, so unless you're bored, nothing to download, a simple change to the identification. Here's a link to the Revised NuDriver2K X^2. While drivers and everything are on the back burner, I do have one huge idea. The_Xev and I just had this little pipe dream a few weeks ago, and I think that he and I, along with a few other recruits, may very well be able to pull this off. No, it's not a driver... and as a matter of fact, it has little to do with 3dfx - but I think a whole new crowd will enjoy and appreciate the concept. We'll tell you more if and when the project actually gets under way.


Happy New Years to all of you! I hope all has been well with all of you, and I'm hoping next year will be even better for all of us.

New Years is a time to reminisce, but I can only say I've been around - I've been here and there, I've had my own personal highs and lows. It's been an interesting year. I've seen my last year of high school, my first semester of college, I've seen my family grow, and what I knew was something good in my own life, I've become more sure of.

In the world of computers we've seen CPU's hit over 4 Ghz, and prices rollercoaster.

But in the 3dfx world, much has grown quiet. The team of 3Dhq has finally begun to release drivers, but they have not yet released their crowning achievment. I know that it is on it's way, but we still wait. So, for those waiting, much like myself, I'm here to offer you one last piece of goodness.

NuDriver2K X^2, this driver will likely be my final driver release. My sincerest appoligies to the Windows XP users out there - I haven't figured out how to do... whatever it is that makes these puppies work in Windows XP. However, if nothing else, you can find a working Windows XP driver, download this driver, and just use the "3dfxvs.dll" file. Anyways, I may be working on a Windows98/ME driver as well, but I'm still not sure. Anyways, you're probably wondering why I would want to release "Nu2K X^2" - but here's what's going on. This driver uses 3Dhq's own advances in Direct3D, but it's one that you've never seen!

huh? I know, I know, it's weird. But here's the deal. The Direct3D files included are from a closed-beta release of the 3Dhq drivers dated September 18, 2002. Why this file?. Well, using the latest beta from 3Dhq - (note: thirty seconds to new years. Two minutes past midnight) - I have problems with cube-mapping. I look at the model of Selig in Unreal Tournament 2003, and there are lines going from his eyes to... everything else. It's hard to explain, but if you're having similar problems, you're going to enjoy this release. This is just what you want. It'll fix that, but when you EXIT UT2K3, you'll see some refresh rate problems. The only way to resolve this, really, is to run another D3D program. I just use DXDiag and run a D3D test, and then exit - all is well.

You can read more in the readme included, but since this may be my last driver release, I have chosen to include the 3dfx Tools needed to setup options like Anti-Aliasing, etc... So, let's cut to the chase. CLICK HERE to download NuDriver2K X^2.


Here we have some of the things that caused the site to grow in popularity. It's a cut and paste (sometimes 'trimmed' version) of things that were once posted directly above the line which says "clasic content" that you see... stuff you might want to keep track of, or download at a later date.


...On another note, while I have NOT tryed these, there is a sourceforge project out which is currently updating BrookTree's 'bt848/9, 878/9' based TV Tuner cards. The VoodooTV is based on just such a chip. Presumably you'll be able to use this as an updated VIDEO driver for your VoodooTV card, HOWEVER please note that these drivers appear to be VIDEO ONLY, and the audio portion of your VoodooTV will have to be installed via your VoodooTV driver disc, or from a driver in the VoodooTV-ZIP on

THIS is what makes programs like 3dMark 2000 believe you have T&L enabled on a Voodoo card. Somone e-mailed me and said it wouldn't work in 3dMark 2001 - but like he said... a software solution can only go so far. What it originally was, was a set of files that would tweak up a Voodoo 3 and give it some advanced Voodoo 5 specific features - therefore, I havn't changed the name. They still include 3dfx's own 3dfxogl.dll and JoFSh's edited d3dim.dll files, but there are a few new (V3) 1.07.00 hidden advanced features, revealed! These include: Hidden Surface Removal ¡BETA! and Guardband Clipping! The following description was assembled by info from John, and other gathered about the net:

Guardband clipping is a way to deal with the problem of clipping triangles generated by the application that do not fit in or fall into the visible region of the screen. When triangles are clipped to the screen in software it's a CPU-intensive task. We could expect up to 20% improvement in some cases (but this is on a Voodoo 5 VSA-100 chip).

The Hidden Surface Removal renders only the visible surfaces so in theory speeds up FPS. However it is still in the BETA stages and artifacts appear on the most vigorous setting (Aggressive Tiling).

Grab JoFSh's Voodoo 3 Extras and see what they all do for you!

In order to install these files, please use winzip, (or some form of extraction program) and unzip the files to the base C:\ directory. The archive should takeover, and copy the 2 dll files to the C:\windows\system directory, and the 2 REG files to the desktop. However, if this does not happen, track down the 4 extracted files, and move them to the appropriate folders.

Alright, I've began hosting the DXUninstaller, as I've noticed it's becoming increasingly rare. Click Here to download it now - it seems to be effective for any version.

Updates have also been delayed due to my founding and working with X3dfX Community Development (X3dfX-C). X3dfX Community Development came together, under my leadership. I gathered up team members I fealt were right for each job, and they have successfully released their first "driver." I'm less in the development end of things, now though, and I remain "founder" and I still do some of the work. But my personal schedule is murder as of late, so some of you will have to excuse my tardiness in all things.

With more and more computer stores nearly giving away copies of Windows 95, 98, and Millennium Edition, it's hard to deny that most of the world runs on Windows. So many people complained about the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (BSoD) in Windows 95, and the number seemed to increase with 98, that one man decided to fix the problem. Revolution decided that he had the know how to make a universal BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH fix! I have recieved many e-mails, thanking me for finding, publicizing, and hosting this file, as it's saved many headaches from many people. While I didn't create the file, and never wanted to assume any credit for doing so, I do appreciate your kind words. That's why the VXD Fix file has made it to this here "final hall of fame" of

The above file should work with any version of Windows 9x up through "ME." The important notice is that if it requests the CDROM, be sure to use the CDROM that your OS is running (if it asks for your Windows CDROM, and you're running Win98SE, be sure to use the SE CDROM!).

Gaming isn't easy on an AMD... no matter how much I love my K62, the whole lockup / freeze problem is annoying. I'm sure that by now you K62 owners have heard of the WRITE ALLOCATION problem, yes? If not, let me tell you a quick bit about it:

From my Abit Owner's Manual:
This option is used to free up the memory block 15MB - 16MB. Some special peripherals need to use a memory block located 15 & 16MB, and this memory block has a size of 1MB.

Make sure it's switched on (enabled) in the BIOS, and everything will be fine. What if it's not in the BIOS? Simple, download SetK6 and watch all worries fade away! A quick not - if you download setK6 - you should either

A) Put SETK6 in your startup folder in Windows


B) Make a line containing a path to SetK6D, similar to the following, in your Autoexec.bat file on C:\ (please note, the path should be to wherever you unzip to).

Finally, let me thank 3Dfx, my secret informants, JoFSh, OuTsIdEr, SeniorBro, Jarrod (Tron), Chris (Slacker), ICET58, SharkFood (just because - the man's a genious). As always - thanks to the rest of you for your support.

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