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Windows 10 stuck on “Just a Moment” – QUICK and EASY fix!

Well this one is annoying. I’ve got several computers at work stuck on “Just a moment…” and no matter how long I let them sit, they won’t get past that screen.

Luckily, it’s a quick and easy fix. Simply press Control + Alt + Delete on your computer, then go down to the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom right. Click on that, then click on the “Airplane Mode” button to completely disable the Wi-Fi. If your computer does not have Wi-Fi, you can simply unplug the ethernet cable for a moment.

Then, from the Control + Alt + Delete menu, click “Sign Out.”

Once the computer is back to the lock screen, log back in like you normally would. This time you should be greeted by a screen trying to get you to sign up for a Microsoft account. You can click “Skip” in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Tada! You should be back to your Windows desktop. Be sure to plug your Ethernet cable back in or go down to the bottom right and disable Airplane Mode to re-enable your Wifi.

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