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Every Windows XP “Windows Update” in one download (+2019 patches)

Update 3: In May of 2019 Microsoft released a patch for x86 versions of Windows XP and the 32 and 64-bit versions of Server 2003. KB4500705 protects against remote code execution. The patches have been uploaded locally and are hosted further down the page.

Update 2: Although I have “WannaCry / WannaCrypt” specific patches below, in June of 2017 Microsoft released an additional collection of patches for Windows XP with SP3, Windows XP 64-bit with SP2, and Windows Server 2003. I have not (yet) mirrored these updates locally, but I think it is important to link readers to these critical security patches. Microsoft specifically noted that these updates do not check Windows Genuine Advantage status.

Original post below:

As we well know, Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP – so much so that you can no longer connect to Windows Update and download updates for Windows XP computers. If for some maniacal reason you need to run a Windows XP computer, I would hope you at least get it secured as best you can with the updates. How you ask? I have compiled all of the updates using the tool, and assembled them here. This will work on all versions of Windows XP (Home, Pro, Media Center Edition, etc…), and I also have the updates for the relatively rare 64-bit release of Windows XP:

Update: WannaCry / WannaCrypt patches originally posted by Microsoft May 12th, 2017 can be downloaded individually (hosted locally):
Windows Server 2003 SP2 x64
Windows Server 2003 SP2 x86
Windows XP SP2 x64
Windows XP SP3 x86
Windows XP Embedded SP3 x86

Update: May 2019 RDP Authentication exploit update from article 4500331 local downloads:
Windows XP SP3
WES09 and POSReady 2009 x86
Windows Server 2003 for x64
Windows Server 2003
Windows XP SP2 x64
Windows XP Embedded SP3 x86

All updates for the English US (en-us) versions of Windows XP.

To install these updates, either burn the CD or extract it to the computer you want to run them on, then run the “UpdateInstaller.exe” and select which items you want to install. All of the other “important” type updates will install automatically. This even includes Service Pack 3 for those running a completely unpatched system.

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