After downgrading IE10 to 9, unable to download (solved!)

I ran in to this one yesterday and thought I should tell you all how I got around it. First, a quick description of the problem.

After a recent downgrade from Internet Explorer 10 back to Internet Explorer 9 (by going to the Programs and Features menu and simply uninstalling IE10), problems started to crop up. Now, this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, I’ve successfully uninstalled 10 and gone back to 9 before, but this does appear to be a bug that has happened more than once. When you click a download link: NOTHING HAPPENS! I mean less than nothing. There is no “Run / Save / Cancel” window popping up, it just sits there. I spent hours trying to figure this one out, and the final solution isn’t pretty, but I’ll tell you what I had to do. Continue reading “After downgrading IE10 to 9, unable to download (solved!)”

Archer – Seasons 1-4 in HD

Archer. A cartoon that isn’t for kids. At all. It is an animated series about an alcoholoic, womanizing secret-agent defends the world from evil, while dealing with repressed mommy issues. And every minute of it is hysterical.

I knew the show had promise, but now that we’re four seasons deep in to this show, it just keeps getting better. One of the things I love is that each episode is just stuffed full of great comedy moments. The show is a run away success, but they aren’t trying to drag it out with pointless side plots and new story arcs. There is one main plot, and each episode is going to make you laugh, whether it progresses the story or not. It’s not trying too hard to be anything other than what it is. And every week it pushes the envelope of what you thought you could get away with on television.

Archer: The Complete Season Four is available for pre-order on DVD – or, if you’re more tech savvy than your friends, you can easily stream it online in HD, along with HD versions of seasons one, two, and three. It’s not for everyone, but it is something that I enjoy immenslely, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t watched it yet to shut up, sit down, and binge watch these four seasons!

Microsoft now allows two-factor authentication

Want to prevent your Xbox Live account from being hacked? This is the best way. Microsoft, this week, unveiled two-factor authentication. Major Nelson already has a guide for setting up two factor authentication on your Xbox 360. Two factor authentication requires another device, like a mobile phone, which will provide a password to you so that when your Xbox 360 prompts for this extra password, you check your device for the randomly generated password and enter it.

Microsoft TechNet has an article detailing how two-factor authentication works with your Microsoft account (formerly known as your LiveID).