MyScript Calc – great math app for students!

MyScript Calc is a wonderful tool available on both iOS and Android. The instant I saw it, I knew this was the kind of app that could immediately be used to help kids in school learn math. It I a calculator, that recognizes your normal hand written numbers on a tablet or smartphone. So you write the math problem out, and it spits out an answer. It’ much like using a calculator, but helps kids get in the habit of writing the problem out properly.

I’m terrible at math. Some things I can do extremely quickly, but only the basics (I was tallying my tax totals faster than my accountant this week, for example). I was terrible from algebra onward. A tool like this may have helped! Now, I haven’t had a chance to toy around with it much, yet, because I was so anxious to tell people about it, so I’m not sure how well it understands the Order of Operations and how you might write it out – but from what I have seen it is quite a smart application. It’s not going to give you the square root of negative one, but it can certainly crunch a lot of calculations quickly. So go ahead and check out MyScript Calc on iOS or Android!

How to accept a friend request in Skype for Windows 8

The other day someone asked me how to accept a new contact request in Skype for Windows 8. I remember struggling with this, and remembered the final answer was really stupid, but I was stumped. Ready for the answer? It was painfully obvious once I realized what my eyes were glossing over. Look above. In the 2nd column, on the first screen you see, you will see your recent activity. What’s there? Oh, look, a friend request. Wow, it really is that simple.

People still ask what if it does not show in your Recent Activity on the main page? Simple – right click! Or, if you’re using a touch screen, swipe down from the top. A menu will drop down from the top of the screen. There you can scroll side to side through your recent items until you find the friend request you’re looking to accept.

Good luck out there, everyone!

1999 – Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is a cult classic. I was introduced to it in a film-study class I took in college. I wanted to know why I hadn’t heard of it sooner. It’s genre is simply defined as action, while some consider it Sci-Fi. Imagine a movie that’s almost as minute-by-minute action packed as something like The Transporter, but exploits a Groundhog Day like universe in an Inception-like way. I know, you’re interested. The soundtrack is going to keep your pulse up throughout the whole film, it’s going to keep you so alert of every little detail, it’s going to make you question why that thing looks different than it did just a few minutes ago, it’s going to provide clarity in a time where you’re so confused and you want to give up. The music marries on the on screen images and completes this wonderful package.

Filmed in Berlin, Germany in 1998, this film doesn’t look like your typical high budget American action flick. But what they may have lacked in budget, they absolutely made up for with creative story-telling. A girl just wants the right outcome, but every action or inaction has its consequence in this thrilling journey through time. This is genuinely one of my most favorite movies, and I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’m literally staying vague. Just rust me. You need to see it. Now, go get Run Lola Run!

Bungie after Halo? Pre-Order DESTINY now

Bungie has posted a ViDoc for their upcoming game Destiny. The ViDoc is titled Pathways Out of Darkness, and can be seen below:

Amazon has already posted the preorder page so you can get preorder Destiny for Xbox 360. At the same time, since Bungie will be teaming with Activision this time around, and not directly with Microsoft, you’ll be able to preorder Destiny for PS3 as well.