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One MAJOR thing left out of MSN for Windows 8: technology news

I already had an entirely different article written, on an entirely different topic last night, but the moment I saw this I threw it all out and wrote this article for this morning. As Microsoft and NBC part ways on their several-year MSNBC joint venture, the all new “MSN for Windows 8” website has been unveiled. But it seems to be missing a key ingredient. It is a news website using the touch-style tiled interface of Windows 8 (please note, I can’t get the link to work on non Windows 8 computers, there appears to be a script that stops non Windows 8 users from seeing the new design).

I admit, I like the look and the feel, but one thing jumped out at me immediately, and just perturbs me to no end. Content that I’m going to read is completely missing from the site. All of those brightly colored tiles are a topic, a genre of news… let me list all of the tiles for you: the ever so generically named news, followed by sports, entertainment, money, autos, living, healthy living, and MSN now. Then, if you scroll down the page, there are even wide-out views of several headlines under each category.

Here’s the problem… WHERE IS THE TECHNOLOGY CATEGORY!?!? Are you serious, Microsoft? You’re a technology company! Many would argue you defined technology for nearly twenty years! And when you put together a news source known as “The Microsoft Network” of MSN – I would expect to at least find some technology news! But the word “tech” is completely missing from the entire front page of the website. A website you specifically designed for your new operating system. A website designed for modern touch interfaces. A website that is beautiful, forward thinking, and accessible to even the most tech-savvy people… doesn’t have a tech category.

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