How to use NTPassword to reset your lost or forgotten Windows password

NTPassword is a free tool, available for download, which will help you reset a forgotten password for a computer. For example, if you have lost your Administrator password on your computer at home, etc… if this is your “work” computer, or if you computer is joined to a network “domain,” then I would advise letting your IT people handle this. Otherwise, for most home users, this could be helpful.

Although NTPassword doesn’t work in every case (for example, some SCSI and even SATA configurations can confuse it and prevent it from booting), I cannot deny that it has made me look like a super hero on more than one occasion. It is an extremely useful tool, and although I have mentioned it before, I haven’t explained how it works. So why don’t I show you? Continue reading “How to use NTPassword to reset your lost or forgotten Windows password”

2008 – Lucas Johnson – Love

Update 2018: the Amazon links in this article are no longer valid, but Luke still maintains his page at

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to listen to 11 original songs from from a musician in a small town in Pennsylvania. That small town is Corry, PA, and it’s my home town. The musician? Lucas Johnson. The album? “Love.”

Lucas Johnson plays acoustic guitar and sings on the album, with a few tracks highlighting other talents. It has a morose, blues sound to it, with the edge of someone who grew up falling asleep to grunge rock. Some people may not like the effects on the voice, and some of the compression of a low-budget produced album comes through on the cymbals of the first track, but for an album made with a few friends, the guitar playing and lyrics stand out enough to keep you driving onward to each next track. Alongside creative lyrical witticisms like “the only soul you bear / is through the hole in your socks,” the album pushes and pulls the listener in several directions, all of which contribute to that all mixed up inside feeling that you feel Lucas had to be going for.

Love” is an album written by a United States Army veteran, who is now back home raising a family – and the album doesn’t shy away from that. Hey Mother is one of my most favorite tracks on the album, because it absolutely reflects the attitude I’ve heard from dozens of veterans: I appreciate your concern, but I want you to trust me: I’m going to get through this. “This,” in this case, is the one noun that changes depending on the person, but a lot of times it may have to do with their reintroduction to “normal life” – life outside of a warzone. It may have to do with a traditional young man pushing back, ever so slightly, on their parents who might be concerned that they’re getting married too soon. It might have to do with a person dealing with a break up or another mess in their personal life – but he has confidence that things will come out all right.

A local favorite, when Lucas is seen in a pub playing with a band, is often White Trash as Ever. Although he plays it with a bit of reluctance, there is no denying the guitar comes alive in this deeply personal song. “Post traumatic slash bi-polar / is most of what I am / everything I’ve built up / just like castles in the sand.” Christian overtones come through on the album, but they’re still the feelings of a lost man. Confused, wondering where he stands between agnostic and angry, but finding comfort in his religion at times when almost nothing else will soothe his soul. The catchy strumming makes you want to listen to the album over and over, and the way Lucas lays it all out on the table makes this one of the most raw albums I’ve ever heard.

The album was once handed to me in the form of a CD by Luke himself, and I’ve very recently re-purchased it on Amazon. I encourage you to do the same. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear what someone is genuinely thinking, not what their producer wants them to think, not what their friends want them to say, but what is really running through the mind of one man, who doesn’t want to cut you to the core, but doesn’t have much control over that once you listen to the album. You can download more free tracks and get more information on

How to access the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player in the Metro dashboard

This one is surprisingly simple, but you’d be surprised how many people look right past it or can’t find it. And you would be even more surprised how little information there is on this one online – no YouTube videos, no step-by-step instructions on, nothing! So, if you, like many, still have a few HD DVD’s laying around and want to watch them some time, Microsoft hasn’t taken away your ability to do that.

Simply get to the main dashboard, then use the right bumper to get to the Video menu. Once there, select “My Video Apps.” In there, as long as you have the drive connected, you should see HD-DVD as a menu item. With a disc in, select the the large, green “HD DVD” tile, and the movie will immediately begin playing. Enjoy!

2002 – Midget Fan Club – A Total Nightmare

“Hi there, Midget Fan Club. I’m Garrett. Long time listener, first time realizer.” I’ve had a song stuck in my head, lately. Starting Over, and at the end of the song the lyrics mostly repeat: “Starting over, gonna do it right this time…” It was a song I don’t recall the origins of – I don’t know how I found it, where I first heard it, or if someone introduced me to the song. It is entirely possible it was on the original website as a free download, but I do remember burning it on to a CD, and even putting it on my Rio MP3 player. I haven’t heard it in years, but the lyrics have been repeating in my head for several weeks – I had to hear this song, by this unknown band, once again.

Well, this week I started searching the lyrics, and I was brought directly to the website of a band called Midget Fan Club. The downside? The website looks like it’s been abandoned for about 5 years, and was never much in the first place. But, I’ve been able to navigate it some, and found out that the track I loved was indeed called Starting Over and was on an album called A Total Nightmare. The better news? The album is free to download on their website (but, wait, it gets better…). I’ll get you the download links in just a minute, first, let’s talk about the band and the album itself.

The lead singer of Midget Fan Club is a dude named Guy Smiley. His voice was given to him as a gift of the punk-rock gods, and would be suited for nothing else… wait until you hear him. Imagine that raspy growl asking if you’d like fries with that, or congratulating you on the approval of your new home loan. He was destined to be a punk rocker. He’s made a living off of it, and (even though it’s hard to tell from the album), Midget Fan Club has released several albums and EPs, and has even been a part of the Vans Warped Tour.

A Total Nightmare is an punk rock album through and through. Driving drums that make my arms hurt just listening, guitar solos that sound inspired by metal bands but are so gritty they have to be punk rock, and only 3 songs over 3 minutes long. One obligatory accoustic track is also included on A Total Nightmare. But it is tracks like Weekend Song part II that take me back to high school nights spent with friends, listening to our favorite songs and singing along with the tracks at the tops of our lungs. The track Crucified has the angsty lyrics you don’t always expect from a punk band, but Guy’s voice somehow makes it okay. What is Mine is a breakup song, but in that backwards sense of being left after knowing someone cheated, and still feeling the hurt, wondering how to pick up and move on. “And I’m trying to make up / For my mistakes/ And I’m trying to wake up / But I dont have what it takes,” Guy sings.

The album ends on “Starting Over” – which I faintly recall reading the history of the song, years ago, and it was about finding the right people to fit in to the band, and starting the band all over again with the right musicians. I also could’ve made the entire back story up, I completely forgot the name of the band for the last decade. The song is just one verse, then the two line chorus repeats for another 45 seconds or so. “Challenge lies ahead / It’ll take every thread / Of fiber in my being / But I’ve made up my mind…” What it builds to this mantra of getting it right, no matter the cost – which repeats in a way that really screams determination.

Okay, so the album isn’t the best I’ve ever heard… but hearing that last song again made it all worth it, and maybe you might like something on one of their other albums… but good luck getting them. I lucked out because A Total Nightmare is available as one of the few free downloads on the website. That’s the original 2002 version. Ready for more good news? A remastered, 2008 version of the album is ALSO available for free on their webite. So go download Midget Fan Club’s “A Total Nightmare” remaster right now. You can’t argue with free.