How to show hidden files and folders AND file extensions in Windows 7

Sometimes you need to do things a little deeper in the computer than normal, and you need to know what file extension is on the end of a certain file. This can help you prevent silly and confusing names like “picture001.jpg.jpg” or something like that. Additionally, sometimes you need to show hidden files on your computer. It’s pretty easy.

  1. Open up any folder, I recommend just opening Computer.
  2. If the menu bar isn’t available at the top, press the ALT key on your keyboard, near the space bar – this will make the menu bar appear: “file, edit, view” appear.
  3. Click Tools.
  4. Click Folder options at the bottom.
  5. Change the Radio Button to Show Hidden Files and Folders.
  6. Click to uncheck Hide extensions for known file type.
  7. Also, you can uncheck Hide protected operating systems.

All three of those options can be seen in the screenshot above. Enjoy your new access to your own files!

1996 – The Verve Pipe – Villains

You remember the song Freshmen, but what you didn’t know is all of the other great music you missed on this album. Villains, the 1996 album from The Verve Pipe, highlights the talents of of the band and features driving melodic alternative rock. It’s an album filled with minor chords and the kinds of lyrics that make you think. Even the song you know backwards and forwards, The Freshmen, if you send yourself back to the first time you heard it, it is still a fantastic song.

I absolutely love every track on the album. When I was young, I loved songs like Reverend Girl, Cup of Tea, and Photograph. Now I’m drawn to Drive you Mild, Penny is Poison, and Ominous Man. But songs like the titular Villains are so enjoyable that, if you remember what alternative music was about during the 1990’s, then you’re going to and enjoy this.

How to sync your Xbox 360 Wireless controller

When you get a new Xbox 360, or you get a new controller for it, it’s hard to remember how to syn the controller to a new or different console. I know I do it so rarely that I have to pause and think about the process. Generally speaking, though, it’s not too hard. Here’s how you can do it:
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